Online Slots offer a special kind of casino magic. But whether you choose to play slots on the internet or visit land-based real money casinos, these machines are designed to provide hours of endless fun. It’s no wonder, then, that slots are the most popular casino game in Canada. All it could take is a few spins and boom, jackpot city!

Maple Casino‘s first-class slots make you feel like you’re on the floor of the very best casinos in Canada. We feature the top web-based slots, with over 300 real money online games to choose from. As well as a great selection of online slot games, you will also enjoy great graphics, fantastic deposit bonuses, seamless game play and superb animation. As a result, Canadian casino players are able to take full advantage of the very best games available, all offering great jackpots you won’t want to miss. In other words, you will feel like you are in Atlantic City!

Best Online Slots in Canada

Top Online Canadian Casinos in 2019

$1600 Bonus

Min Deposit $20

850+ Slots

Rating: 5/5

$1600 Bonus -

$1500 Bonus

Min Deposit $5

1450+ Slots

Rating: 4.8/5

$1500 Bonus -

$600 Bonus

Min Deposit $10

800+ Slots

Rating: 4.7/5

$600 Bonus -

$800 Bonus

Min Deposit $10

850+ Slots

Rating: 4.5/5

$800 Bonus -

$1000 Bonus

Min Deposit $10

800+ Slots

Rating: 4.3/5

$1000 Bonus -

$1500 Bonus

Min Deposit $10

2000+ Slots

Rating: 4.2/5

$1500 Bonus -

Most Popular Online Slots In Canada

Online Slots Game Reels Paylines RTP
1. Thunderstruck II 5 243 97%
2. Mega Moolah 5 25 88%
3. Girls With Guns 5 243 96%
4. League Of Fortunes 5 1,024 96%
5. Break Away 5 243 96%

About Online Slots Machines at Maple Casino

Much like video poker, when it comes to slot machines, physical fruit machines and web-based slot machines are similar, and often feature three or more reels. However, slot machines at land-based venues used to have a lever, which has since been replaced by a button. The slot machines’s characteristic lever gave rise to its ‘one-armed bandit’ nickname.

Online slot machines have a wide range of popular games, all with different themes and variants. Ultimately, however, they share a number of common features. These include spinning reels, paylines, free spins, bonus features and gamble screens. This makes life easy for any avid gambler. After all, you only have to learn how the machines work once to play a host of fun themed games.

Play Online Slot Games

You can play for real CAD$ at Maple Casino‘s trusted online casinos in Canada. Moreover, they all come with high entertainment value because of great graphics, sound effects, various soundtracks. If it is a really good game, a casino bonus or two. In fact, there are so many different themed slots to choose from that it almost impossible to experience any gambling fatigue if you are a slot machine player. Some sites might allow you to play for free online before you bet real cash. Above all, there is also the possibility of winning big and hitting that jackpot.

Online Slots For Real Money In Canada

Play 3-Reel Slots

These are easy to play games at real money casinos, not to mention, incredibly fun! To win the jackpot, match up symbols on the spinning reels. These symbols are generally anything from fruit, bars to 7’s depending on the game’s theme.  3-Reel Slots also have Wild and Multiplier symbols. Therefore, such symbols can multiply your payouts. Read more here.

Play 5-Reel Slots

These slots are little gold mines that usually have a higher hit rate and offer a higher maximum bet. With more ways to win each time you spin the wheel, you stand to win more prizes. 5-Reel Slot games also come with a second-screen bonus, as well as Scatters. You can get up to 1,024 Paylines with 5-Reel Slots. Read more here.

Play Pub Slots Online

Also known as English Pub-style Slots, they come with a handsome jackpot of 1,000 coins. Similarly modeled after classic British fruit machines, these games include nudge-and-hold features, plus secret hidden slots bonuses.

Play the Best Progressive Slots on the Internet

Play progressive jackpots as either 3-Reel or 5-Reel varieties.

Progressive slot games reward players handsomely from a huge prize pool, which grows with each spin of the reels.  A variety of these games are linked together, with each machine contributing a small amount to the overall jackpot. This makes the game a little more interactive. However, players would have had to place the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the jackpot. Be sure to read the wagering requirements (which you should see close to the privacy policy on most sites) before you start playing for real.

The Top Canadian Megaspin Slots

With Megaspin Slot games, players can choose to play 4, 6 or 9 Slots simultaneously. This increases their chance of winning real cash, as well as a significantly increased maximum jackpot prize.

Get Free Spins when Playing Internet Slots

This Bonus feature is common to online slot machines. It is triggered by a specific symbol combination, usually containing the Scatter symbols. With Free Spins, you can spin the reels without placing a bet. The advantage with Free Spins is that the player takes whatever they win. Online casinos in Canada offer a varied choice of games with Free Spins, which might even come with deposit bonuses.

How Online Slot Machines Work

Slots across the board offer the same kind of layout and buttons. In other words, no matter what slot you find yourself spinning, these buttons will perform the same functions.

  • Auto Start/Auto Stop: Pressing this button will start spinning the rollers of the 3-Reel or 5-Reel game automatically for a predetermined number of times. The button will also end the auto spin mode.
  • + and –: Pressing this button will either increase or decrease your wager per spin.
  • Lines: This button will activate additional paylines to bet on. It can also function to reset the number of paylines wagered on.
  • Bet Per Line: Pressing this button will add one coin to the betting payline.
  • Bet Max: Pressing this button will automatically select the maximum bet per payline and select all the paylines.
  • Spin/Stop: Pressing this button will start and stop spinning of the reels to display the games result. You do not need to “quick hit” the buttons repeatedly; that will not improve your chance of winning.
  • Gamble: This special feature is found in certain slot games. During the gamble feature, players will be requested to place an additional bet in order to increase their profits from the previous spin.
  • Collect: Press this button when you have a payout. It will then add your profits to the bankroll.

Internet Slots FAQs

What are online slot machines?
These machines are a modern electronic form of traditional slots. This form has been adapted for play via the Internet and mobile devices. In the meantime, these games can be played in Canada for free or real money. These kinds of slots vary by themes, the number of columns, paylines, and type of jackpot. They generally come with a 3-Reel or 5-Reel function with a Wild logo, Scatter, and instant prizes which are won when certain combinations land on an active payline.
How do slot machines work?
The basic principle of a slot is that players wager their bets, to spin the reels. A series of reels will start rotating and when they stop rotating players will know their fortune. Winnings are determined by the matching icons that line up across an active payline. These results are based on a Random Number Generator.
What is a Random Number Generator?
The Random Number Generator (RNG), in simple terms, is basically like the “brain” of casino games. It indiscriminately generates numbers which correspond to the symbols found on the screen. The algorithm of all these games is based on the RNG.
Are online slots legal in Canada?
These games are 100% legal in Canada, on the terms that you play at an International site or sites provided by a Canadian province or territory.
How do I play slot machines for real money in Canada?
Canadians are able to play these offerings for real money by registering a real account with a reputable online casino. Once you have registered a real account, gamblers will be required to provide the website with proof of identity, address and bank details. Gamblers will also need to have a form of banking in their own name.
How random is betting on slot machines?
Online slot machines are completely arbitrary, with each spin providing you equal opportunity of landing a winning sequence. This is vastly due to gaming technology advancements that saw the development of the RNG. This technology was implemented to create a fairer experience.
Is there a certain time of day that offers better odds of winning?
The answer to this question is fairly straightforward, no. That is because these games are designed to offer an arbitrary play. They are not set up to offer better odds at different times of the day. In all fairness of the game, this wouldn’t be completely realistic as players participating are continuously playing at different times of the day. For this reason, it’s fair to say they are more of a random game than anything else.
Can you play real money slots via your mobile?
You certainly can play your favourite games via mobile devices. Moreover, the majority of smartphones that use Apple (IOS), Android, Blackberry, and Windows software are compatible for Canadian mobile casinos.
Why do high rollers prefer not to play slots?
High roller gamblers prefer to spend their time playing table games, where they have more control over the game and a lower house edge. These games also provide great opportunity to develop strategies that will help Canadians win time and time again. With the use of skill and strategy, table games tend to be far more of an attractive option.
What is a progressive slot casino game?
A progressive jackpot online slot game is not a fixed jackpot and will grow each time a Canadian player wagers on the game. Progressive jackpots can either be stand-alone or networked.

Stand-alone jackpots are linked to a single slot and only increase when bets are placed on that machine. By contrast, networked jackpots are linked across numerous machines within the same software provider. Microgaming games, for instance, have the potential to reach the millions.