Best European Roulette Casinos

European Roulette is amongst the most popular casino games. The European version of Roulette is the original format of the game although there have been several other adaptations to the game. When you join a casino site that we feature, you will enjoy this timeless classic at your convenience. This is a guarantee that you will enjoy smooth gaming with the best graphics and sound.

Best European Roulette Sites (June 2024)

The Wheel

European Roulette is played on a wheel that has 37 slots. There are numbers 1 through to 36 on the wheel; the 37th number is the zero. Wins in this game are determined by where the ball falls on the wheel. Players can place bets on the number they predict the ball will land or on the group of numbers they think the ball will land on.

The Table

There is a betting table on which the players can place their bets on. The table has several areas that can be wagered on. There are inside bets and outside bets. These designations are given according to where exactly on the betting table a player places their bet.

Inside bets are placed on a single number or a small group of numbers which are on the inside or edge of the betting table. These are the higher paying bets which can pay as high as 35:1. Inside bets also have lower betting limits. Players can wager a minimum of one coin on the number they pick to win.

Outside bets are wagers that are placed on areas that are on the betting table. Such bets cover larger groups of numbers and hence have a greater possibility of winning. The groups of numbers include dozens, red colours or black colours and even or odd numbers. These bets pay less than inside bets and can pay as low as 2:1.

European roulette table and wheel

Play Online European Roulette

Enjoy standard European Roulette gameplay offered on a high-quality interface at various Canadian online casinos that are featured here at Maple Casino. Maple Casino is an internet guide that will help you with any information that will help you understand the world of gambling.

European Roulette has the same sophistication that you can enjoy at a land-based casino. The difference is that you can play it from anywhere in Canada, on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


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