Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase each time the game is played, but the jackpot is not won. These types of jackpots give players a chance of winning massive cash prizes. These casino games present players with the opportunity to millions of CAD$ off a minimal bet. So, if you are looking for a cheap way to luxuries, progressive jackpots are your solution.

How do progressive Jackpots work?

Progressive jackpots are certainly the best choice for any player looking for something life-changing. There are many progressive jackpot casino games for you to strike gold on. So, whether you enjoy slots, poker, or roulette, there is a progressive jackpot waiting for you.

Before we continue, let’s take a look at how these jackpots accumulate to millions of dollars.

Simply, these casino games increase each time a player places a wager on them. A small percentage of each wager is contributed towards the jackpot. When the jackpot is won, the jackpot will automatically reset for the next spin to a pre-determined amount. In essence, the jackpot amount will keep growing at a rapid pace with each wager placed on it. In some cases, these jackpots can be linked, which means the jackpots will be even greater. This is because they are more likely to grow at a much more rapid pace.

Best Progressive Jackpot Casinos

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Progressive Jackpot History

Progressive jackpot casino games are more common among slot machines. However, there are some table games that carry a progressive jackpot. Such jackpots have really boomed over the last decade or two. These games are based on the original classics that were invented over a century ago. These traditional casino games provided a huge amount of fun and great rewards. For instance, the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was invented by Charles Fey and rewarded players in the form of chewing gum and other small novelties. The slots then moved towards other novelties, before progressive to real money rewards. Another contributing factor to the overall popularity of slot machines was the advancements these casinos games were undergoing. In the 1980’s they made their first real breakthrough with the establishment of the first video slot. Here the reels were replaced by computer screens and players no longer required assistance. This was the first step towards progressive jackpots. Developers began experimenting with the video slot machines, trying to figure out how to link them machines together to introduce the first form of a progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpots today are remarkable and certainly add an extra exhilarating thrill to the average player. This can be thanks to technological developments and the Internet, which provide unlimited freedom to linking multiple machines together.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are many different types of progressive jackpots which all follow the same principle, but differ slightly. Some of these jackpots increase more rapidly than others. Let’s take a look the three main different types of progressive jackpots and what make them so unique.

  • Stand Alone: These are progressive jackpots are not linked to any other machines. They also feature a progressive jackpot, with a small percentage of each wager contributed to that jackpot. The jackpot amount is generally displayed on the side of the slot machine reels, so players will be well aware of what is at stake.
  • In-House Jackpots: This is a group of slot machines that are connected together to form part one jackpot. These slot machines are connected within a single casino. The jackpot amounts here do not reach millions of However, they do still carry a substantial payout value.
  • Networked Progressive Jackpots: These are slot machines that are linked from various online casinos. For example; the same slot machine across some different casinos will be linked together to form one jackpot amount. This jackpot has the potential to reach millions of dollars and will change your life forever, should you be fortunate enough to hit it big!

Progressive casino Jackpot Roulette

Progressive Jackpot Tips and Tricks

Progressive jackpots have the potential to fulfill your big dreams. However, the odds of winning such an abundance of money are fairly small. To help you be one step closer to reaching your dreams, we have come up with some helpful tips and tricks for you.

  • Set-Budget: It can be easy to become consumed in your slot game. This could lead you to potentially forgetting how much you are spending. We highly recommend you set yourself a budget, so you don’t find yourself eating into your rental funds.
  • Auto-Play: Make use of the auto play function whenever you possibly can. This will help increase your chances at winning frequent small jackpots. These small stakes can then be used with the aim of achieving the big one.
  • Maximum Bet: Place the maximum wager whenever possible. This is because a progressive jackpot can only be claimed when the maximum wager has been placed.
  • Always try a play a progressive jackpot that suits your budget and style. This helps you from running into any issues.

Progressive Jackpot FAQs

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpots provide players with the opportunity of winning copious amounts of money. This is done through constant gameplay, whereby a small portion of all player’s wagers is transferred into this massive jackpot.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

Unfortunately, there is very little that a player can do to increase their chances of winning this jackpot as they are designed to be entirely random. Because of Random Number Generators (RNG), it cannot be controlled by the player; it is all about luck.

Do mobile casino sites make progressive Jackpot games available?

Of course, they do. Nearly all progressive jackpot games found at online casinos can be found on Maple Casino’s top listed mobile casinos. Giving the player the chance to play wherever and whenever they feel like it.

Should I bet the maximum amount?

It is encouraged that you do, of course, if your bankroll allows for it. This is because progressive jackpot games often stipulate that the maximum amount is necessary. However, if you can’t afford the maximum wager, don’t break the bank. You will still be able to win a decent amount of money without placing the maximum bet.

Do players realistically win these?

It is very few and far between that someone will win the progressive jackpot. With the same kind of odds as the lotto. It is all about timing and luck, whether you have spent a few CA$ or thousands of CA$ you have the same chances of winning.

How many different types of progressive jackpots are available?

Three, these are namely; Stand alone, Networked Progressive jackpots and in-house progressive jackpots.