Biggest Jackpot Games for Real Money at North Casino

Biggest Jackpot Games for Real Money at North Casino

North Casino is one of the more generous Canadian online casinos with their $5,000 Welcome Bonus as well as their rewarding VIP program. The cherry on top is their array of online slots that offer some massive jackpots. While we’re going to focus on individual games in this article, it’s worth noting that they’re constantly running their Drops & Wins Multiplier tournaments. That’s where you can walk away with a 25,000x payday if lady luck is on your side!

Why North Casino is Our Highest-Rated Casino

Here at team Maple, we review all the latest and top-trending casinos in Canada. For a casino to make the top spot on our list, it has to check numerous boxes. Our top priority is reputation, to make sure that you’re playing at a site that is in good standing in the industry. That means reliable customer service that solves problems when you have them, top-notch security, best payouts and smooth transactions.

Thereafter, we look at the offering in the casino, to make sure that they’re presenting players with the best variety of games. We then examine bonuses and incentives, and compare that to the rest of the industry.

In all segments, North Casino shines, which is why they’re in our number one spot. You can read our full North Casino review for more details. Let’s take a look at some of the most lucrative games available at this leading casino.

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Top Jackpot Games to win money at North Casino

Looking to chase some thrilling jackpots? North Casino has you covered! These are some of the most entertaining jackpot games you can enjoy right now.

1. Neon Rush

Jackpot: 1,000,000 Euros

Neon Rush is a modern creation by popular provider Yggdrasil where you can win 25,000x your money. The game has some cool colours that will be reminiscent of Miami Vice, the old video game F-Zero or the movie Ready Player One.

To hit the biggest payday of them all (in this game), you’re going to have to play the max bet every round. That means you’re playing 40 Euros per spin. If you do happen to line everything up the right way, though, you could end up taking home 1,000,000 Euros. How wild is that?

neon Rush

2. 4 Fantastic Fish

Jackpot: 800,000 Euros

4 Fantastic Fish has the look and feel of a simple game, but there is a lot more than meets the eye here. To start, you can reel in a payday of 800,000 Euros if everything goes right.

The game itself presents six reels to the player, so there is a lot of action happening. There are plenty of opportunities, though, with paylines offering paydays in every direction. In total, there are 4,096 to win on every spin.

Symbols like the fisher, the seagull, or the crab can offer payouts up to 320 Euros, but what you’re really looking for is the swordfish. If you make it into the bonus round, that’s where things really start to get juicy. All fish pay, but the swordfish is the catch that might change your life. Ending up with the hammerhead shark isn’t so bad either, though, as he’ll still pay you 160,000 Euros.

4 fantastic fish

3. Wild Spin Deluxe

Jackpot: 200,000 Euros

Wild Spin Deluxe feels like an old school classic. There are five reels and three rows, and the symbols are quite familiar to anyone who’s been in a casino. As the Aces, Jacks, and Cherries spin their way around, you’re hoping to see the Wild Spin Deluxe reels to rack up the wins. If you’d like, you’re able to do the Feature Buy, which can move you into the Free Spins Feature or the Jackpot Feature. The latter can hook you up with a Grand win of 200,000 Euros. How nice would that be if the reels lined up in your favour?

wild spin deluxe

4. Might of Zeus

Jackpot: 200,000 Euros

Might Of Zeus is a second Yggdrasil entry on this list. The game provider is not only known for developing games with generous payouts, they look sleek and play very smooth. This spinner has several familiar faces on the reels – including Zeus, Aries, and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. And maybe – just potentially – your bank account will feel very godly if the reels spin in your favour.

You’ll want to play the max bet per spin if you want to qualify for the biggest payout possible in this game. It happens to be a 200,000 Euro jackpot, which could be a pleasant boost to your party budget. Go for a spin and see if the gods are with you.

might of zeus

5. Aztecs Coins

Jackpot: 100,000 Euros

If you’re a fan of ancient history, Aztecs Coins will be your flavour. The game takes you on a bit of a tour of the time of the Aztecs, including pyramids, statues, and symbols. The Aztecs were a very superstitious group, so you might want to have your lucky rabbit’s foot or rally cap on when you play this game. What you’re looking for is to get into the bonus round and to see plenty of Extra Wilds on the screen. If you see eight or nine of them on the reels, then you’ve got yourself one heck of a jackpot. That’s when you’ll collect 25,000x your bet. Even just getting six or seven will pay you out a humbler 5000x your bet. Hopefully, the spirits comply, and you end up with a juicy number of earnings to treat yourself with.

aztecs coin

Our Final Verdict

North Casino has a fully stocked casino with more than 1500 games in their portfolio. While the slots’ selection seems endless, they also carry other favourites like roulette, blackjack and various other table games.

If you’re looking to hit it big, though, the slots are the place to be. With so many jackpots floating around, North Casino customers are always in the running for an extra payday.

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