Why Exclusive VIP Casino Rewards are the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Unlike the one-off welcome bonus, casino rewards are part of ongoing loyalty or VIP programs designed to keep loyal players engaged and rewarded for their continued play. Online casinos achieve this through giving registered players the chance to earn free spins, monthly gifts, casino credits, and much more. Continue reading to learn more about VIP casino programs, including how to join and the amazing perks that await.

Best Casino VIP Programs (July 2024)

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What are Casino Loyalty Programs?

A VIP casino rewards program applies exclusively to registered players who have demonstrated committed and consistent gaming. What is included in these programs differs from casino to casino. However, they usually consist of a set of privileges.

Today, many players believe that when compared to loyalty programs offered by land-based casinos, online VIP casino rewards are far superior. This is yet another reason why gamblers are quickly migrating to the virtual casino scene. These programs allow players to unlock exclusive offers and rewards, as well as claim the title of ‘VIP member’. In exchange, casinos enjoy the loyalty of their regular players.

How to join Loyalty Programs - Canada

VIP Vs. Casino Loyalty Programs: What Sets Them Apart?

While all VIP members are part of the loyalty program, not all members of the loyalty program are part of the VIP club. It’s about stepping up from being a valued customer to a distinguished guest.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Program

Think of a loyalty program like a “thank you” card for regular players. Everyone can get one, and the more you play, the better the “thank you.” It’s all about collecting points or cash prizes based on how much you play or bet.  You can use the points you earn to get casino bonuses, free spins, and other benefits.

Many loyalty programs have a tier of rewards that you can claim as you move up their loyalty system. The first tier will normally reward the smallest prizes such as extra spins or casino credits, while more rewards are unlocked as players reach new tiers. Top tier players will have the opportunity to win exclusive prize packages and bonuses meaning that it pays to stay loyal to a top ranked casino.

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VIP Programs

On the flip side, VIP casino rewards are like exclusive clubs within the casino. When players reach this level, they unlock the opportunity to be invited to join the casino’s VIP program. Entry can be by invitation only or based on reaching certain thresholds within the loyalty program.

The benefits of VIP status are tailored to players who wager large sums of money like high rollers and “whales” or very active players. These programs often feature tiered levels, with perks becoming more luxurious as you ascend the ranks. Becoming a VIP member will present players with even greater chances to win rewards and earn points.

Point-Based vs Tiered Casino VIP Programs

There are two main types of casino rewards programs. Before signing up at a casino, you should be able to find out which type of program they have on offer. It will likely be one of the following, or a combination of the two:

Points-Based Programs

Points-based VIP programs are particularly helpful to players who enjoy frequent gambling. Quite simply, the more they play, the more points they earn. These points are usually based on how often they play and how much they choose to wager when placing bets. The generated points can then be converted into rewards such as:

  • Free spins
  • Real money
  • Reduced house edge on certain games
  • Free withdrawals
  • Free tournament entries

Tiered Programs

Tiered programs are the most common in the gambling industry. Registered players are assigned to tiers, or segments. When players reach a specific threshold of money spent, they will unlock a new tier. As the tiers progress, so too do the rewards and benefits. Players sitting in higher tiers will receive preferential treatment as well as upgraded services.

Types of VIP Casino Rewards

We’ve already mentioned some of the exciting rewards that loyal players can look forward to from top casinos. Here we’ve fleshed out the details for some of the most common rewards.

Different VIP Bonus Rewards

Best VIP Rewards at Casinos We've Reviewed

There are many casino options for Canadian players with each casino offering a variety of benefits to go along with their loyalty programs. From different sign-up bonuses, deposit options, game choices, and device preferences, it is up to the player to choose what is right for them. Maple Casino has compiled a list from our top casino reviews, and picked out a few options with great loyalty programs for you to consider.

1. JackpotCity Casino – Best VIP Match Deposit ($6,000)

As one of the oldest and most reputable gaming platforms in Canada, this casino has a six-tier VIP program, ranging from Blue to Diamond. Earn points for each qualifying cash bet placed, with your bet amount and choice of games determining the number of points you get.

For playing $1 on slots, you’ll earn 1 loyalty point. When it comes to table games, including video poker and live casino, you must wager C$5 to earn a point. On your account profile, trade in your loyalty points for bonus credits, which you can use to play games and potentially win real money.


As you climb your way up the JackpotCity Casino VIP levels, gain access to exclusive benefits, such as casino bonuses, daily promotions, yet-to-be-released games, and much more.

Play JackpotCity Now! Welcome Bonus: $6,000 (Exclusive to Maple Casino)
  • Exclusive access to casino bonuses and early game releases.
  • Earn 1 loyalty point for every $1 spent on slots

Trade loyalty points for bonus credits on your profile to play games and potentially win real money.

2. North Casino – Top VIP Casino for Online Slots

Rack up loyalty points with all the bets you place at this casino. Every $10 you wager on slots will earn you a point, while $50 is the minimum spend on table games and live casino for the same reward.


Got points you want to cash in? Exchange your North Casino loyalty points for cash, bonuses, chips, or free spins. Your VIP status will determine how many you get of each. Other exclusive benefits worth playing for are expedited withdrawals, higher limits, plus convenient access to your own VIP Host.


Play North Casino Now! Welcome Bonus: $5,000
  • Loyalty points for various rewards, tailored by VIP level.
  • Personalized service with access to a dedicated VIP Host.

Every bet on slots and table games will increase your loyalty points, which can be exchanged for cash, bonuses, or free spins. Your VIP status can also unlock benefits like faster withdrawals and higher limits.

3. Spin Casino – Best Overall VIP Experience

To make a name for yourself at this casino, you’ll simply need to do what you love best – continue to deposit and play. Depending on the amount you bet, you’ll climb up the VIP tiers, which include Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Privé.


And the secret to becoming an esteemed Privé VIP in a hurry? Simple. Play more than anyone else.

Here’s how it works: Spend $10 on your favourite casino games to get 1 Spin Casino Loyalty Club point. Then redeem these for cash, special event invitations, competition entries, monthly bonuses, and even a dedicated VIP account manager.

Play Spin Casino Now! Welcome Bonus: Match Bonus up to $1,000
  • VIP account manager.
  • Easy loyalty system: every $10 spent earns 1 point.

Earn loyalty points to redeem for cash and special event invites, with the fastest route to top-tier VIP status being more play.

4. DRIP – Best VIP Casino for Special Benefits

Starting as an Origin level VIP, players are automatically enrolled in the four-tier VIP program. Placing a $20 real money bet gives you a single point. But what makes this VIP program even more legit is that bonus cash bets of at least $20 earn players 0.5 points as a special benefit.


Progressing to the Smart level of your VIP status enables benefits like cashback deals, weekly bonuses, and a $100 birthday gift. Prime level VIPs are entitled to an increased daily withdrawal limit of $15,000 as well as exclusive casino bonuses.

Meta players who reach the highest VIP status receive special bonus offers with no wagering requirements, even bigger cashback deals, and a $22,500 weekly withdrawal limit.

Play DRIP Now! Welcome Bonus: 150% up to $600
  • $100 birthday gift at the Smart level
  • No wagering requirements on prime an meta levels.

DRIP Casino kicks off its VIP journey at the Origin level, with each of the four tiers offering escalating rewards. Both real money and bonus cash bets contribute to your points tally, unlocking benefits like bonuses, cashback, and increased withdrawal limits as you advance.

5. PlayAmo – Most Rewarding VIP Casino in Canada

Imagine the heaps of rewards that come with a 10-tier loyalty program. It’s a long climb to reach the highest VIP status, but screaming with joy from the summit will be worth it! The more points you earn, the higher your VIP status. Each new level you reach unlocks a special reward.

Wondering how it works? Your VIP status kicks in from the moment you make your first deposit. Every bet then placed earns you special points – called CPs. These are credited as 1 point for each $15 bet you place on slot games only.


PlayAmo VIP bonuses include free spins, cash, and a Ferrari 488 GTB if you’re bold enough to reach level 10. Free spins come with a 10x playthrough requirement, while free cash must be wagered just once.

Here’s what you can expect as you raise your VIP status:

VIP StatusPoints (CPs)Reward
Tier 11-24N/A
Tier 21-2515 Free Spins
Tier 37550 Free Spins
Tier 4250125 Free Spins
Tier 5750150 Free Spins
Tier 64,000$50
Tier 715,000$200
Tier 8200,000$1,000
Tier 9750,000$10,000
Tier 105,000,000Ferrari 488 GTB

Play PlayAmo Now! Welcome Bonus: Up to $1,500 + 150 Free Spins
  • Luxury car as you ascend the VIP levels
  • player-friendly wagering requirements on free spins

Points are earned with every bet, leading up to the biggest reward of a Ferrari 488 GTB for reaching the highest VIP status.

How To Choose a Rewards Program at a Casino?

It’s hard to get a good read on a casino’s loyalty program without being a registered member of the site in question. However, there are a few things to keep in mind during your search for the casino offering the best program. When considering the top sites listed above, contemplate the following:

Casino Games on Offer Casino Games on Offer

Game selection is important when deciding to which casino you’ll devote your loyalty. That’s because in order to climb the loyalty program or generate points, you will need to play the games on offer. If an operator hosts a wide variety of games, players will be spoiled for choice and racking up points will become second-nature.

Loyalty Program Rewards Loyalty Program Rewards

Comparing loyalty programs across multiple casinos can be a time-consuming ordeal. That’s why we’ve listed the casinos featuring the most appealing rewards programs for your convenience. Regardless, you should investigate a few of our top picks and compare their programs yourself. This is how you’ll discover whether the program is tiered, point-based, or both. You’ll also come to know what kind of bonuses and prizes you can expect from each casino’s program before you make your final choice.

Payout Speed Payout Speed

Scoring prizes and winning real money is always the goal when playing at an online casino. However, equally important is the speed at which you’ll be able to withdraw your cash. With so many payment options available for online players — from bank accounts to cryptocurrencies — it’s important to consider payment processing times before making your choice.

Online Casino Safety and Security Online Casino Safety and Security

The best casinos go to great lengths to make their sites safe and secure. They use reliable and dependable encryption technology that keeps player information protected while they enjoy their VIP casino bonuses and other rewards. Ensure that you check sites for security seals and licensing.

Customer Care and Service Customer Care and Service

Pay extra attention to casinos with diverse customer services. Live chats, email, and call lines should always be available for players when the need arises. When joining a site’s VIP rewards program, you can look forward to upgraded services, as well.

Join the Program Now: Be Rewarded for Your Loyalty

red number icon 1

Step 1

Create an account

The first step is as simple as creating an account at your chosen online casino. Generally, the moment you sign up and start playing, you're automatically enrolled in their loyalty program. If this isn’t the case, the online casino will provide careful instructions for the program’s sign-up process.
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Step 2

Read the terms

Before diving in, take a moment to understand how the loyalty program works. Look for information on how points are earned, the tiers of the program, and how you can redeem points for casino rewards. In Canada, knowing the ins and outs will help you maximize your benefits.
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Step 3

Start playing

Once you are a part of the loyalty program, you're ready to hit the ground running. Every wager and bet you make on eligible games will earn you points. Online slots usually contribute 100% towards loyalty points, while some casino games may be excluded entirely. The more you play, the more points you accumulate, leading to higher tiers and better rewards
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Step 4

Collect casino rewards

Each online casino has its own rules about which games contribute to loyalty points. Most allow you to track your loyalty points and status directly from your account page. Regularly checking in can help you plan your play to reach the next level or redeem your points for rewards.

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