Do You Want to Understand the Differences Between RTP Vs. House Edge?

If you’re a casino player, you’ve probably heard the term “RTP” and you’ve probably seen it with frequency. You’re probably wondering – “what is RTP?” and “how does house edge compare to RTP?”

The concepts of both house edge and RTP are very similar and it can be a bit confusing for both new and experienced. If you’ve been wondering what they mean and what their relation is, we’re going to delve into RTP, and examine its relation to the house edge.

Key Distinctions Between RTP and House Edge

RTP actually stands for “Return to Player” which is a number that’s assigned to each online casino game. Technically, it means the amount that’s returned to the player.

For example, if the RTP is 95%, then for every $100 you bet, you should get back $95. Of course, there’s a huge variance in slots, so the 95% is just a rough idea. One player might win $10,000 from his $100 and another might end up with $25. It all depends on different factors.

As for the house edge, that’s the house’s advantage in different games. If it’s Blackjack, the house might have a 0.50% edge. If it’s something like Caribbean Stud Poker, it might be 5%. Depending on the game, it varies.

There is a minor difference when it comes to RTP and house edge, though. It’s very easy to see how these two terms can confuse people due to their similarities. With RTP, that’s what is returned to the player but the remainder is the house edge. If a slot machine has a 95% RTP, that means the house edge on that game is 5%. Essentially, you can subtract the RTP from 100 and what’s left is the house edge.


Unveil the secrets behind ‘The House Always Wins’

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase, “the house always wins” when gambling in any capacity. For anyone that is new to the community, this phrase means that you will eventually lose your advantage over the house, the longer that a game goes on.

How does this work? Any player has the opportunity to win in the short-term, this comes down to simple math. If a casino has a 5% edge in a game, you might be lucky and hit a big jackpot. The game is designed that the casino is going to win back that 5% over time, that’s why casino games are so engaging. That’s where the phrase comes from, “the house always wins”. It’s a tactic to keep you playing, however, there are games that have a better RTP or where you can improve your odds.


How does RTP and house edge fit into it?

The house always wins, essentially means the edge in the games your play is on their side. Eventually, they’re going to win, no matter what you do.

With the RTP, it’s just framed a little bit differently but it’s essentially saying the same thing. Instead of having to hear about what the casino is going to keep to themselves, RTP tells you what they’re going to give you back. However, if it gives back less than 100%, then you’re effectively losing over time — be on the lookout for this.

Another thing you need to be aware of is the fact that with slots, it’s just framed a bit differently. The casino usually tells you the RTP instead of the house edge on every game. The good thing is, if you know the RTP, you can quickly figure out the house edge.

Demystify RTP Percentages and Improve Your Advantage

An RTP percentage is essentially calculated on the opposite of how you calculate house edge. A good example would be if the house edge was listed at 5.0%, the RTP would be the remainder of that, minus 100 — in this case, 95.0%.

This percentage is how much of a player’s bet gets returned on average. If you have a 95.0% RTP and you place a bet of $100, then – theoretically speaking – you should get back $95 after playing for a while.

The reality is a bit different because things play out based on luck and variance. Some players could sit down and win thousands and then the next 10 might lose everything they have. It all depends if luck is on your side.


How does it work in online slots?

RTP works in online slots in a very similar fashion to how we explained it above. Every single slot machine has its own rate of return that they offer players, which will eventually get them their money back over a large number of spins.


In certain states, some slots have requirements for how long a machines RTP can be. Nevada states that no regulated casino can offer a slot machine RTP that’s under 85%. With online casinos, it can vary. Generally speaking, most games are in the 90%-95% return to player range. You can look up the game you’re playing to find out the RTP details.


RTP: differences between the theory and actual results

The basic theory of RTP is that you can walk over to a slot machine and place 100 spins at $1. That machine, which happens to have an RTP of 99%, should eventually return $99 back from that initial investment. That would mean that you’re only going to lose $1, right?

In reality, things play out a little bit differently. That $99 really means that a player could hypothetically receive that much money back in return for a large number of spins with that money. At the same time, these games have a lot of variance. Someone might win $150 and someone might lose $50. At the end of the day, the game will return 95% to all players. You just don’t know which ones.

One thing to note is that there is extensive RTP testing done by regulators. That’s to make sure that if a game says its RTP is 95%, that it, in fact, 95%. There can be no shenanigans. RTP testing is crucial and is conducted in a rigorous manner. This is because the best online casinos want you to feel at ease when you’re playing and not question anything or feel like something is rigged.

Top Casino Games with The Best RTP

If you’re looking for the top RTP slots, you’ll have to search from game to game. Bloodsuckers II and Sweet Bonanza are known for their high RTP and low house edge.

Take your chances today and play Bloodsuckers II at National Casino

Aim to get that Hight RTP and play Sweet Bonanza at LeoVegas

If you’re looking at the whole casino, the best casino games that you can play when it comes to available RTP include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Baccarat. Blackjack, in particular, is listed at an approximate RTP of 99.5%.

Why House Edge Percentage is Crucial for Your Gambling Strategy

The house edge is the advantage that the house has in a game. House edge gets calculated pretty easily. The thing with the house edge percentages is that they can vary significantly from one another depending on the type of casino you are visiting and the game that you’re playing.

Let’s start with an example and say that a particular house edge is listed at 5.0%. This would tell players straight away that the average casino player would lose 5.0% over time playing that game. That’s regardless if that player wins big straight away or loses massively, over time, the average of all players would be a 5% loss.


Do all online games have the same house edge?

Not all online games have the same house edge. Casinos can have small differences in the games that changes the house edge. Also, some games have strategy where you can improve or impair your chances of winning.

For example:

  • Blackjack can be played with one deck or with many
  • Some casinos will have one deck blackjack, and that can give you an edge
  • The more decks, the bigger the house edge

As for strategy, you can play it blindly or play blackjack with a perfect strategy.

  • If you do the latter, the house edge might be 0.50%
  • If you play with no strategy, maybe the house edge is 5% or 10%

Another example is online craps because there are so many betting options at the table. The house edge in this game will depend on the type of wagers that you’re placing while playing. The smarter bets you make, the smaller the house edge.

At the same time, there is no game where the house loses consistently. Typically, the math always works in their favor.

Here are two easy tips to remember:


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You need the percentage of the house edge to be lower as opposed to higher.

A lower house edge number means that the RTP for that specific game is higher.

Here the casino edge is smaller and your winnings should be higher in the long run. It’s always good to know those numbers. If you don’t check the house edge, then you won’t have any idea what the RTP is for that game or machine.

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Check out the house edge on multiple sites before settling down on one.

A game might have a house edge of 3.0% on one site, then you switch over to a different one and realize that the same game has a house edge of 1.0% over there.

Simply check and make sure that you have the best house edge possible, it could increase your chances of winning potentially.

Remember that house edge doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win money playing at the online casino. It doesn’t solidify that you will be getting your money back to you or that you won’t lose as much money, because the house edge is lower. You’d still have to be careful depending on how much money you’re placing and what game you’re playing.

Benefit from These Insights and Level Up Your Games

The bottom line is that the house edge and RTP are closely related. You’re now equipped to make more informed choices in your gaming experience. Go explore and test your new-found knowledge with our recommended Canadian Casinos.


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