Get Ready to Up the Ante This Winter with SkyCrown Tournaments

Get Ready to Up the Ante This Winter with SkyCrown Tournaments

It’s that time of the year again, with polar vortexes, snow storms, and grey skies — so most people stay indoors during winter. If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, apart from binge watching series of course; we suggest getting involved with online casino tournaments. More specifically, enter the really fun tournaments at SkyCrown Casino.

Are Casino Tournaments Worth It?

We’re not even going to beat around the bush here: yes, absolutely. Tournaments give you another opportunity to win, and often, to win big — so why not take advantage? In tourneys, everyone has an equal chance to take home some of the prize money, so it’s fair. Another pro is the fact that they payout many winners, not just one or two. That means you have a better chance of collecting something, even if it’s not the big jackpot.

What Are The Best Tournaments at SkyCrown Casino?

SkyCrown is one of the most popular Canadian casinos, mostly because they keep their menu fresh and they always have a lot of fun things happening. This winter, they’ve unveiled a variety of winter tournaments. So if you’re up for some fun from the comfort of your home, these tournaments are just for you. Plus, there are prizes up for grabs.

Here’s a list of the top tournaments at SkyCrown Casino:

1. Winter FortunesSkycrown winter-fortunes-tournament

Date: January 18 – February 7

🏆Prize pool: $75,000

Should they call it Win-ter Fortunes instead? Get it? Dad jokes aside, this is a tournament that’s still on for a few more days, so hurry and join. There’s a whopping $75,000 on the line. There are also three different rounds of action and payouts. The biggest prize of the bunch is $10,000 but the remainder is split up among the top 200. The smallest payout is $25 and that means there will be winners.

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2. Love Rush

Date: January 30 – February 3Skycrown love-rush-tournament

🏆Prize pool: $67,5000

It just wouldn’t be right to go through the whole month of love, without having a Valentine’s Day themed tournament. This year, SkyCrown Casino has four cupid-themed tournaments to really get you in the mood for romance. Love Rush is one of them but it ends right at the beginning of February.

You’ll see that some tournaments are longer-lasting (we’ll detail some below) but this one is short and sweet. Some people prefer the shorter ones, since you don’t have to wait too long to find out if you won a prize.

This one focuses on games strictly from Playson and Booongo. The big prize is also a shared prize pool, this time, it’s $67,500. A total of 250 winners will split the prize money, so there is ample opportunity for many to win. What’s interesting to note is that the biggest prize is smaller than Winter Fortunes ($3,000 versus $10,000) but the smallest prize is also bigger ($60 versus $25). That means more winners with bigger payouts at the back end, but smaller payouts for the top prize.

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3. Love the Jackpot

Date: February 5 – February 25

🏆Prize pool: $1,875,000Skycrown love-the-jackpot-tournament

Love the Jackpot has the biggest prize pool out of the love-themed cluster and is part of Wazdan’s network promotion campaign, which consists of two phases. The Love the Jackpot tournament will kick off the year from February 5 till February 25, then the second part of the campaign, Spring to Infinity will run from March 4- March 24. The software provider is going to give a special Valentine makeover to its top performing games, including 9 coins, Power of Sun and more.

This tourney offers a massive prize pool of $1,875,000 and will be divided into 6,250 mystery boxes. What’s also great is that players can win more than one random prize during the campaign. If you’re a fan of Wazdan slot games, then this is the one for you.

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4. Big Sunday Blast

Date: January 7 2024 – February 25 2024Skycrown big-sunday-blast

🏆Prize pool: $60,000

Big Sunday Blast is one of the longer running tournaments at this casino and runs a little differently. While there is a date range, as the name suggests, it only runs on Sundays. With the NFL season winding down, you’ll probably need something to do on Sundays now. The timing on this one is actually perfect.

This tournament also has a keen focus on Playson and Booongo games. These are the games you’ll have to play to qualify and earn prizes. Speaking of the prizes, the payouts are doled out weekly. While the others have a big prize pool at the end, Big Sunday Blast is settled every Sunday.

In total, there is $7,500 on the line each week, with 100 winners that will enjoy a sweet reward. The smallest prize (if you finish anywhere from 51st to 100th) is $22.50. However, as you move up the leaderboard, you’ll pick up as much as $1,200, if you finish first.

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5. Spin &Win

Date: February 5 2024 – January 28 2025Skycrown spin-and-win-tournament

🏆Prize pool: $7,500,000

Last, but certainly not least, this tournament is set to run until January 2025. It’s divided into 11 rounds and offers games from industry giant, Smartsoft. The prize pool for the first ten rounds is $580,000 and for the very last round, it jumps to $1,500,000.

After you join, you will randomly receive a prize wheel spin, then you’ll have to click the spin button on the wheel to get a chance to win cash prizes. Just be aware that the games change between rounds, so have a look at the terms and conditions before jumping in.

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Other Casino Tournaments

There’s always something new at this casino in terms of tournaments, so keep your eyes peeled — If you’re not checking in, you’re probably missing out. There are other long-standing tournaments right now, a Drops & Wins Slots event and a Drops & Wins Live Casino event. These both started last April, so they’re not new but there’s still time to join them, as they both end in March.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on these, as the prize pools are quite big. The Drops & Wins Slots prize pool is a generous $36 million! As for the live casino, it’s at $9 million, not too shabby.

Skycrown tournaments

For the live games, you play Pragmatic Play live games to qualify. For the slots, it’s Pragmatic Play slots. Unlike the other events, though, it’s not a leaderboard. This one just deals out paydays, free spins and bonus rounds as you play through the day or week.

In Conclusion

All in all, online casino tournaments offer a range of advantages over regular casino game play. When you chose to participate, you’ll know how much you’ll be spending right off the bat, you get to win prizes, even if you don’t win the big jackpot and they are pretty relaxed, as there’s not much skill involved. Go ahead, try your luck, and join a tournament today.


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