The Comedy of Errors: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Online Keno

The Comedy of Errors: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Online Keno

Sitting down at an online keno table is the perfect way to conclude a busy day. However, it can be effortless to slip into a few bad habits, or make the wrong choices in the thick of the action. Here is the guide to common keno mistakes, and how you can avoid the burn of misplays.

The Temptation of Making a Quick Pick

Going in on a quick pick can be very thrilling. The random aspect of having your numbers picked for you could lead to something special. However, more often than not, randomized picks can combat your best interests.

The RNG associated with quick picks

Keno is all about choosing the right numbers. Randomized picks eliminate the ability to implement a thought-out betting strategy. Triggering the quick pick function can target numbers with higher house advantages, thus leading to less favourable outcomes.

Less engagement equals a loss of thrills

Activating the quick pick feature may appear fun at first glance, but the novelty falls away rather quickly. This level of detachment can take away from the fun associated with picking out the winning number combo.

A missed opportunity

If targeting “hot” or “cold” numbers falls part of your betting strategy, quick picks won’t take these numbers into consideration. We would rather recommend making your picks based off your gut feeling, rather than relying on an algorithm.

The Uncertainty of Superstition and Luck

Like with any casino game, there are a few stigmas floating around in the keno community. Here are a few common beliefs and some misconceptions held by newbies and passionate players alike.

Common keno superstitions

Here are some popular keno beliefs:

  • The concept of lucky numbers
  • Repeating the same number picks
  • Changing numbers after each win
  • Significance of the bet amount
  • Avoiding “cold” numbers
  • Chasing “hot” numbers

At least one of these moment yo urealized you didn't win the lottery.beliefs stick with every player, albeit experienced players or newcomers playing keno for the first time. While these beliefs do add a layer of thrill to the overall gameplay loop, the legitimacy of these claims cannot be proven.

While every player has a superstition about their lucky number and whether the numbers are going to turn in their favour. In the end playing games of chance such as keno does rely on luck, and we all the know the feeling of not winning a jackpot (especially if it’s a substantial amount). There’s a reason why we can find plenty of gambling memes to relate to this feeling.

Strategy versus superstition

Keno - movie poster

While superstition may lurk around every corner, employing a few pillar strategies can stop you from bumping your head. To get you on the right track, we recommend trying out a few of these strategies for your next session.

  1. Keep track of your bankroll, and stick to your budget.
  2. Understand the mechanics of keno before placing real money bets
  3. Acknowledge the odds associated with certain bets/picks
  4. Understand the significance of number combinations and the associated risks

The popularity of this game has even inspired a movie. In 2022, Double Down South was released about the illegal gambling of high-stakes keno pool. You can follow the adventures of the plucky Diana who learns the best way to play to win. It was even rated 8.2 stars on IMDB.

Misadventures in Keno and Probability

The secret ingredient to online keno’s riveting gameplay is the emphasis on randomness and luck. However, this level of unpredictability can throw you a curveball if you aren’t ready for it.

Probability can only be described as mystical. While complex algorithms and mathematicians can break down every outcome into a valid percentage, there is never a clear-cut outcome. When you spend too much time crunching the numbers, you fail to enjoy the outcomes you’re given.

To maximize your enjoyment of this game, try to embrace the RNG nature of this dynamic title. Unexpected outcomes make up a great deal of the thrills, so embrace the journey while you approach your destination.

We found some fun nuggets from other gamblers on the r/gambling Reddit community, here’s a throwback to the nostalgic days of keno.

Keno - Reddit comment

A fail-proof keno betting strategy

If you’re new to this, or looking for a safe bet, there’s a simple recipe you can follow when embarking on your next keno adventure. The secret to a solid betting strategy is to prioritize picking a handful of numbers, rather than banking on one or two outcomes.

To keep things simple, we recommend picking 4–5 numbers, especially if you’re still in the process of getting to grips with the game. Once you’re feeling confident, you can go up by another number or two. We think an 8-number combo is the sweet spot, but always ensure that your budget lines up with your keno betting strategy.

Have you ever heard of the secret keno pattern? This superstition is based on a rumour that there is a secret pattern to winning at keno, especially on slot machines. This myth has been debunked. Mathematicians have found that the total numbers you chose to play does make more of a difference. To achieve an ideal balance of odds and payouts, you should select four to eight numbers.

Play it Cool: Chase Thrills, Not Losses

We know it’s easy to be caught up in the process of recouping your lost funds. In fact, it is only human nature to take back what has already been lost.

In real money online keno, we advise you to distance yourself from this thought process. Due to the luck-driven nature of this game, you’re deemed to miss a few calls. But, that’s okay. There is one simple rule you’ll need to follow when embracing keno’s style of play, and that’s the management of your funds.

Setting up a stringent budget, and partitioning your bets, can lead to extensive gameplay sessions without you running the risk of losing any excessive amounts of money. Additionally, smaller bets can help you get a feel of a specific keno title, while adding more opportunity for buy-ins.

That’s not to say that lady luck doesn’t come a calling. This extremely lucky gambler in Tennessee, Jarred Johnson, won two big video keno jackpots about a month apart in 2022 – each worth $140,000. That’s not even the most remarkable thing about his wins. In fact, he played the exact numbers on the same machine each time! The reason why he played keno is due to a bartender Jeff Hernandez, whom he befriended in Vegas. Hernandez recommended he try it, gave him some tips, and the rest is history.

Read the Rules: The Comical Consequence of Ignorance

Getting riled up will most certainly lead to a few silly missteps when booting up your favourite title. Sometimes, glancing at the paytable or the rules may not be the first thing on your mind.

However, a great approach to take, across all casino games, is by referring to every title’s unique set of rules. Not only does this broaden your knowledge of popular games, but it also reduces the risk of misinterpreting the game ahead.

There is nothing fun about a crazy streak of luck being devastated by a lack of game knowledge. So, don’t forget to read the full scope of the game before making your first wager.

Silly Mistakes Won’t kill Your Enjoyment of Keno

As human beings and casino game connoisseurs, we’re not immune to making a misstep here and there. When it comes to keno, silly little mistakes won’t tarnish the thrill of the action. Always remember to embrace the RNG, stick to your guns, enjoy each outcome that is thrown your way. Pick one of our recommended keno casinos, pick your go-to title, and remember to play responsibly.

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