Unveiled Now: JackpotCity’s Biggest Online Slot Wins Ever

Unveiled Now: JackpotCity’s Biggest Online Slot Wins Ever

Canadians won’t have to look far find massive potential payouts at JackpotCity Casino. The reason this much-loved site remains firmly near the top of our casino reviews page is they boast the highest paying jackpot slots in Canada. Perhaps the online casino’s name provided an easy clue?

JackpotCity knows that you love to play online slots for real money. For some, a bigger incentive to play, is the dream of ever-increasing jackpots that run into the tens of millions of dollars every day. That’s why we’ve partnered with JackpotCity to offer an exclusive $6,000 welcome bonus for new players.

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Here are five of the most eye-watering jackpot slot wins to inspire you.

1. Mega Fortune Jackpot Worth $24.1 million

In 2013, an anonymous Finnish player in his 40’s loaded up Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Slotsa popular online video slot by NetEnt with a guaranteed jackpot value of at least $1 million. The bling theme of this glitzy slot couldn’t be more fitting as the $24.1 million he won after just a few spins on the game was theoretically enough to buy the luxury cars, gold rings and other luxurious items represented as symbols in this jackpot slot.

2. Mega Moolah Jackpot Worth $23.6 million

For one lucky player from Belgium playing the Mega Moolah Book of Mega Moolah gameplayslot proved to be a life-changing day. He earned the distinction of being the largest-ever online casino winner after hitting a whopping $23.6 million jackpot payout. A masterpiece from the pioneering developer, Microgaming, Mega Moolah is now featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as a result of this monumental online slot win.

3. Diamond Sands Jackpot Worth $21.5 million

Another memorable win at JackpotCity came when Diamond Sand Arturo U. struck it lucky on the Diamond Sands slot in march 2023, netting $21,474,836. This game’s beach resort theme complete with palm trees, cocktails, and luxury yachts fits the bill for a life-changing win. And that’s just what happened in March 2023, when Arturo found hidden treasures under the sand, triggering a jackpot-winning bonus game.

4. Gold Party Jackpot Worth $15.5 million

Just two montgold-party-slot-pragmatic-playhs later, in May 2023, a player named Rodrigo B. won a massive $15,525,000 on Gold Party. With its festive Irish theme of leprechauns, glittering pots of gold, and four-leaf clovers, this real money slot has a knack for bringing good fortune. Free spins also feature in the game and a unique “Gold Party” feature means that gold coins collected during bonus round can trigger additional jackpots.

5. Adventures of Doubloon Island Jackpot Worth $10.8 milli

Last but not least, Mauricio S. adventures-of-doubloon-island-microgaming-highest-online-slot-jackpots-on-jackpot-city-casinowon $10,840,000 when spinning the reels of Microgaming’s Adventures Of Doubloon Island. This pirate-themed jackpot slot promises players a swashbuckling adventure in a treasure-filled paradise. Its Hyperspins mechanic allows players to use credits for the chance to re-spin individual reels, with the potential of improving their winning combinations or triggering bonus rounds​.

What are the Highest Paying Online Slots?

Don’t get us wrong, standard slot games have the potential to reward players handsomely, but progressive jackpots regularly pay out over millions of dollars when they hit. These high volatility games are moodier than your everyday slot, but when they do show you some love, you’ll know all about it!

Here’s what differentiates progressives from other games:

  • Pooling of bets – Progressive slots add a small percentage of each bet to a separate prize pool over and above the standard paytable. Mandatory contributions from numerous players to this pot means it can grow significantly over time.
  • Lower hit ratio – Jackpots have a smaller chance of being won compared to regular slot games to make up for their potentially huge and infrequent payouts. The lower probability of winning also allows the size of the jackpot to build for a longer period before hitting.
  • The law of attraction – The bigger the jackpot up for grabs, the more players want in. This leads to an increase in bets placed and further contributions to the prize pool. The jackpot then grows even bigger and more players are drawn to try their luck at winning.


How Do You Win a Casino Jackpot?

If you didn’t already know, all outcomes of slot games are determined by a random number generator (RNG). This mechanism ensures every spin is completely unpredictable as well as the resulting payouts.

Like hitting it big in most slot games, winning a progressive jackpot often requires landing a specific combination of symbols or triggering a bonus game. The main jackpot for some progressives can only be won by betting the maximum per spin, so always read the paytable for any game you choose to play.


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