GameSense is MGM’s Latest Responsible Gambling Campaign

The GameSense project serves a contradiction to a conservative popular opinion on the gambling industry. No, the gambling industry, land-based and online does not promote winning only, in fact, this latest campaign from MGM Resorts tells gamblers that they must expect to lose.

Other tips from the campaign include; hope to win, expect to lose; play for fun instead of for the money; and it’s not cool to borrow from friends.

People assume that casinos just want your money – whether you can afford to spend it or not, is of no concern to them – but, this campaign proves that assumption wrong. Executive vice president at MGM Resorts, Alan Feldman said “That is of absolutely no value to us at all. There is no win in that for us. Our business is built on healthy customers enjoying themselves, their ability to afford it and their ability to return it.”


MGM’s Commitment to GameSense

To show how committed they are to the new project, MGM Resorts is donating $1 million to the University of Nevada- Las Vegas. The donation will be used to determine the effectiveness, particularly the long-term effects of GameSense.

The campaign was launched a few weeks ago and has been implemented across MGM’s casinos in Las Vegas and other properties in New Jersey, Michigan, Maryland and Mississippi.

MGM in other news

MGM owns several casinos along the Vegas strip,these include; Monet Carlo, Bellagio, Luxor, Aria and Mandalay Bay to name a few.

Mandalay Bay, as you may remember made headlines across the world last month, for unfortunate reasons. To explain, the headlines revolved around what has been labelled the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in the USA, leaving 58 people dead and hundreds injured.

Following the incident, MGM has reduced their staff count at Mandalay Bay due to the economic effects. The casino reported an immediate decline in bookings and said that reducing the staff count was a ‘long-standing practice’.

Mandalay Bay

How the shooting affects other casinos?

Meanwhile, other casinos on the strip have begun restructuring their “do not disturb” policies since the shooting. The reason for this stems from the possibility that the shooting could have been prevented. In other words, if staff looked into the shooter’s room then he would not have had three days to prepare!

The first to relook at their policies is Wynn Resorts. In fact, CEO Steve Wynn said that Wynn Resorts staff would be instructed to look into rooms more frequently. He referred to the Mandalay Bay shooting and further said “being in a room for three days in a “do not disturb” situation? That would’ve triggered an alarm here. We’d want to know more about anybody who was sequestered in a room for more than 12hours.”

However, MGM Resorts has declined to comment on the restructure of their “do not disturb” policy. So, is the GameSense initiative a “do not disturb” policy diversion by MGM Resorts or – are they just focusing on other business areas? Stay tuned for related news.