The Best Ways to Set Limits in Online Gambling

The Best Ways to Set Limits in Online Gambling

Gamblers love talking about big bonus, big spins and possible big wins. You always hear people say they gamble responsibly, but the truth is, only some do.

Some days you win and some days, you’re not so lucky — but regardless of what side of the ledger you land on, it’s important to set limits, especially when luck is not on your side. As that’s when things start to go awry. If you haven’t really given it much thought before, let’s talk about how to gamble responsibly and play within your limits.

Responsible Gambling: Transform Your Habits Today

The main logic behind responsible gaming is so that things don’t get out of hand. Online gambling is a form of entertainment. However, if you don’t play within certain limits, your losses or online gaming could impact your day-to-day life. That’s why it’s important to game responsibly.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gaming is simply about setting up some guardrails. That means if you’re depositing too much or losing too fast, the system of checks and balances is in place. Sportsbooks and online casinos have different tools that you can use. That way, you’re staying within your limits.

Top tip: Set limits on your budget

  • Deposit limits: These allow you to set a certain number for how much you can deposit in a given day, week or month.
  • Gaming limits: This allows you to set up a limit after you’ve played a certain amount. For example, it could be $10,000. After you’ve placed $10,000 in bets, you have hit your limit for that day or week or month – regardless of whether you’re up or down.
  • Loss limits: The same as gaming limits but loss limits are strictly for when you’re on the wrong end. A lot of players have trouble handling losses, so this puts a system in place for when things are going south.

Responsible gambling equals better sessions

The truth is it’s a conversation we need to have. A lot of people are bothered by big losses. The reality of the loss might hit when you talk to your significant other, if you find you’re struggling to sleep or when you see your new bank balance. Gamble responsibly and you’ll have better sessions and feel better after playing.

Recognizing the Signs of Problem Gambling

It’s one thing to say you want to gamble responsibly. It’s another to actually take steps to prevent the problems. Let’s take a look at some common signs of problem gambling to look out for.

Is it impacting your daily life?

We’ve all experienced a bad beat. The question is: have you let it go or are you still thinking about it hours and days later? If you’re still stewing about it later on in bed, that’s a sign you’re not gaming responsibly.

Are you always trying to win your money back?

If you’ve experienced a loss, are you able to walk away or are you thinking about somehow getting your money back? If it’s the latter, you’re not playing responsibly. It’s a sign that you’re stinging from the loss and trying to overcome it.

Are you borrowing money to play?

If you’ve surpassed your limits and are now looking for more disposable income to deposit and play, that’s a sign you’ve gone too far. Borrowing money from friends, from the bank or from a significant other to gamble is unhealthy. That’s when you’re going too far.

Get Savvy: Enjoy the Benefits of Setting Limits

Setting limits might seem restrictive on the surface but your future self is going to thank you. That’s because you don’t always see the benefits right away; you see them later. Without limits, players tend to get out of control – especially when they lose. And then in the heat of the moment (or losing streak), they go way beyond any limits. If you want to gamble responsibly, set limits ahead of time.

How to set effective deposit limits

To set your deposit limit, think about what is a reasonable amount you can play with in a given day, week or month. It’s good to set all three. Then go ahead and lock in the numbers, so that you are prepared for future gaming.

Manage your gambling in a healthier way

Most online casinos have trackers in your account that can help you monitor how much you’re playing. Some sites will even have limits on how much site time you can have (you can set it yourself).

It is healthy to limit yourself to site time, so that it’s not detracting from the rest of your life. Whether it’s one hour per day or three hours per week (or whatever time you’re comfortable with), set a number and stick to it.

Take Control: Consider Self-Exclusion for a Better Tomorrow

When things get too far out of hand, it’s important to cool off for a period of time. That means self-excluding and stepping away from gaming for a little bit. It’s not something players often want to do but it can be a healthy choice to prevent problem gaming.

What is self-exclusion and how does it work?

Self-exclusion is essentially cutting yourself off. Problem gamblers have a tough time doing that. However, if you’ve tripped a lot of triggers, it might be time to

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rethink your habits. For example, if you’ve lost too much too quickly and it’s impacting your life, it might be time to self-exclude.

To do so, you simply reach out to the casino and ask them to block your log in for a period of time. Some sites will allow you to pre-set this, so if certain things happen, you’re automatically self-excluded.

There’s also a permanent version of self-exclusion. It’s important to know that exists. If you’ve gone way off the deep end, it might be best to permanently cut yourself off and seek some help.

A Supportive Environment is the Ultimate Remedy

If you’ve hit the limits, overheated and self-excluded, but are still not back to normal, the next step would be seeking help. It’s always hard to ask for help. The good news is there’s lots of it in the gaming space.

The importance of community

Most gamblers only want to brag about wins to their friends. Good friends will help you when you’re down, not up. So if you happen to be down – financially and mentally – make sure you have some friends that you can talk to. They can offer support to get you through it. And if you’re not able to set limits or get further help on your own, they might be able to lend a hand.

Professional help is not a sign of weakness

If things have gotten to the point where you don’t know where to turn, seeking professional help is critical. Therapists can work wonders for players who are

addicted. If you feel like online gaming is impacting your life, your financial wellbeing, your relationships, your work or more, then it’s time to seek some help.

Tools to help you set responsible gambling limits

recover me app - gambling limits

If you need help managing your gambling limits, RecoverMe is a mobile app that can help you develop better playing habits. This app was created by psychologists to help people suffering from a gambling addiction. Not only is it conveniently on your phone, it also has a diary to help you track your progress that will support your recovery. Based on behavior cognitive theory, this tool balances a practical approach and empathy, with its mindfulness exercises.

 Set Your Limits and Play it Safe

Setting limits is not the conversations gamblers want to have. They’d much rather talk about potential big wins in the casino. However, it’s important to set limits, play within your means and gamble responsibly. That will ensure that this fun pastime remains as healthy fun in your life.


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