Teaching a Lesson on Winning

How Professor Slots is Taking Casino Players to School

It’s the bells and whistles that get you when trying to win on a slot machine. The noise, the action, the atmosphere, and most certainly the jackpots; they’re all a distraction. Next time you’re in the casino walk, through the slots area. People are locked in, pushing their buttons, tapping their screens, and just hoping to land the big money prize at the end of the rainbow.

Learning to Win book coverFriedl takes his research seriously too. An academic by trade, he calls himself ‘Professor Slots’, an accurate title. He lives and works in Dayton, Ohio, where he is a Ph.D. by day, with a doctorate in aerospace engineering, and a slot machine gambler by night and weekend. He’s an intelligent man, smart enough to know the house (the casino) holds a massive edge in slots, as high as 15% in some brick and mortars (as low as 2% at online casinos). But, he has devised a strategy that turns the tables in his favour. Imagine the undertaking.

Friedl has spent hundreds of hours pacing back and forth down a bank of slot machines. With pen and paper in hand, taking notes, making observations and delving deeper into the subject than any gambler ever has.  His time and effort seem to have paid off. He has won more than 100 taxable jackpots, (a prize payout of $1,200 or more), not to mention a brand new, fully-loaded Mercedes Benz E-350 coupe.

Expert in Casino Slots

Enter Professor Slots. Friedl has successfully parlayed his wealth of information on slot machines into a popular blog, podcast and book, Learning to Win, and has close to 14,000 followers on Twitter (@ProfessorSlots). He also has a YouTube channel under development, which he plans to use to further educate his audience. It’s also important to note, he preaches responsible gambling and warns against any get-rich-quick schemes or illusions of hitting a ‘mega’ jackpot.

It’s about making a profit instead of having losses all the time. So, instead of losing a little bit of money, my techniques allow you to win a little bit of money. I’m not trying to explain how to win the top jackpot. This is about reaching your goals depending on what your goals are. Are you interested in being entertained longer? Do you want the money? Are you interested in free trips or free food? What is your goal?  My aim is help people reach their goals.

On his website, professorslots.com, visitors are taught how to take control of their slot machine gambling, to assess casinos for success and to identify and choose winning machines. He offers personal coaching as well and anyone who signs up for his newsletter automatically receives his list of 25 Winning Tips for Slot Players. For instance, should you play a penny slot machine with a 4,000 credit maximum jackpot or a quarter slot machine with a 4,000 credit maximum jackpot?

This is the example I like to give. On a penny machine you can have 300 credits, or a $3 bet, and the max jackpot is only $40. On a quarter machine, you don’t usually see more than three-to-five credits. Three credits is only a 75 cent bet and the top jackpot is $1,000. Which would you rather play?

What Are Your Slots Goals?

Every gambler has different ambitions and aspirations but Professor Slots has taken his desire to win to the next level. And, he has been sure to share what he’s learned along the way with the public. He’s written countless articles on topics ranging from the risk factors players may encounter, to the importance of understanding ‘advantage play’ in modern casinos. He’s also dug into regulatory issues, as well as political and economic factors relating to American tribal casinos, one of the least understood segments of the gaming industry. His 2019 review of Scientific Games Corporation, a world leader in slot machine gaming and casino management software, has been lauded by his followers and pundits alike.

Please keep in mind, Friedl is an educated, experienced and disciplined gambler. Through study and sheer determination, he has managed to compile an impressive catalogue of some 700 winning tips to help overcome the odds. Like, why the time and the day play a key role in choosing a profitable machine and why playing at a newer casino is more beneficial than playing at an older one. He illustrates why it’s an absolute necessity you take the casino up on its ‘Players Club’ rewards program.

Win Big as a VIP

That’s how he won his luxury vehicle.

The casino was having a draw and the tickets were $100 each. Playing there for about three months, I had built up my entries substantially. Most people only had four of five entries for the draw. With my points, I had accumulated 274! It didn’t cost me a thing. The only stipulation was you had to be in attendance for the draw, so I was, and I was the third person called with a chance to spin this giant wheel. When I spun the wheel, it landed on the Mercedes Benz logo. By just knowing I could use my entries, and by just showing up, I gave myself a huge opportunity to win. The odds were fantastic. It’s little things like that I teach.

Does the casino have an advantage in slots? Yes. Are the odds in the house’s favour? Yes, but they vary. Friedl however, believes with hard work and study, the odds can swing to the players side. He’s done his homework. He’s written his thesis too, and it clearly states in the affirmative, that ‘yes’ you can be profitable at slot machine gambling.

After all, he is Professor Slots is.

Derrick Oliver

Derrick Oliver

Derrick Oliver Dewan is the founder of High Roller Radio and has interviewed a number of the world’s top poker players and gamblers. A former radio and television broadcaster, Derrick was brand manager for Poker Pro Canada magazine and has written for a variety of publications, including the Toronto Star & Windsor Life.


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