Gambling Addiction Guide for Canadian Gamblers

Millions of people in the world enjoy gambling. Whether it is on internet casinos in Canada, or at land-based casinos, gambling can be an entertaining and fun activity. However, some people have a bit of trouble controlling their gambling behaviour. This behaviour leads to serious problems that end up affecting a person’s life, and this can be classified as gambling addiction.

guide to Canadian gambling addiction

Explaining Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can be classified as a mental disorder that is like other addiction. When you look at the actions of a person who has a gambling addiction, you will see that they are not able to limit their gambling actions. Even though they are aware that their behaviour and actions are hurting them and those around them.

Gambling addiction comes in different forms that players can fall under. Hence, there are various behaviours and way to which they are addicted. Below, we list the most commonly identified in players:

  • Problem Gambling – In this case, a player is just addicted to gambling, and it is also not as extreme as the other types. You identify a problem gambler by their behaviour of always trying to chase losses; they don’t have the desire to stop gambling or stop themselves. Their gambling activity also keeps increasing.
  • Compulsive Gambling – When a player has reached the compulsive gambling behaviour, they have no control and wager money without thinking of the consequences of their actions. They will try to find a reason to gamble even they don’t have money to do so. This behaviour is the one that comes to mind when you think about gambling addiction.
  • Binge Gambling – This kind of problem gambling has similarities like compulsive gambling. However, the difference is that the problem gambler will only be compulsive for specific for a certain time. Meaning their gambling problem will not be continuous and gives them a sense that things are under control.

The Cause of Problem Gambling

When a player is not capable of controlling their behaviour towards gambling can be the simplest way to say it’s the cause. However, this is also different from casino player to player.

As we have explained before, gambling addiction can be compared to other kinds of addictions. Other factors contribute to problem gambling such as the misconception of the gambler towards gambling.

The fallacy of a player can be that the series of events can affect the odds of games that are still going to happen. Other external factors can also contribute to the problem gambling behaviour. For example, if a player already has an addiction to things such as drugs or alcohol, they become vulnerable to compulsive gambling behaviour.

How to Spot Gambling Addiction

  • All the person thinks about is gambling and the next time they can play again
  • They have withdrawal symptoms, such as being annoyed and easily agitated when they have to cut down gambling
  • Uses gambling as a way to deal with reality, anxieties and problems
  • It doesn’t matter how much it will cost them, but they keep chasing losses
  • Keeps their gambling activity away from family and friends by lying to them
  • End up doing illegal things to feed their gambling addiction
  • Have tried to stop their gambling activity, but have failed


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