Is Gambling Legal in Canada?

Is Gambling Legal in Canada?

When it comes to gambling in Canada, the rules have been pretty clear-cut. The attitude is, as long as the online casino is following the gambling laws, go ahead. Since 1993, each of the Great White North’s ten provinces and three territories has had its own online gambling laws that govern legal online gambling within its borders.

This means that there are differences between the provinces and territories when it comes to the type of gambling that is allowed and how it is regulated.

Let us walk you through what is considered legal in each state.

Gambling Regulations by Province

Canada’s Criminal Code on gambling dates back to 1892 and has changed several times since then. Currently, gambling is legal in Canada, but the legislation governing it varies from province to province. About 10 provincial regulatory bodies are in charge of keeping an eye on legal gambling in Canada. In most states, you’re allowed to gamble from the age of 18 on lotteries, bingo, and card games.

If you live in Prince Edward Island, you can begin betting on draw games for bingo online as early as the age of 10, provided that the casino is regulated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Gambling is huge in the Mohawk territory outside of Montreal. There are more than 250 online gambling sites in Canada, and the territory is home to more than 50 licenced gambling operators.

Paid Advertisement Prohibited

In provinces where there are no land-based casinos, you may gamble at reliable offshore casinos as long as they did not directly advertise their services to you. In New Brunswick, for example, it is pretty much against their gambling laws for sites to directly advertise to the public on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Something that seems fair given that places like Ontario, which have a fully-functioning sports betting and casino game market, are beginning to see negative effects of direct marketing.

Canadian Gambling Laws Are Constantly Changing

When it comes to changing gambling laws, Ontario is leading the way. Last year, governing bodies like the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario certified 17 iGaming sites for players in Ontario. Because of this, online casinos like LeoVegas Casino and 888 Casino were among the first to be locally regulated. This move marked a significant shift in the way Canadians were able to access online gambling services, as it gave them the confidence of knowing that these operators have met a set of standards set by their own government.

However, these operators are still not allowed to advertise in public spaces like train terminals, if they do they will get a hefty fine. Even though the province currently allows single event sports betting for events like the Super Bowl, if you’re looking to bet on individual sporting events or use a sportsbook, you’ll have to look outside of Canada.

Final Thoughts

Gambling has taken off in Canada. With over 19.3 million active online gamblers, the different provinces are taking steps to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe experience. That being said, it is everyone’s responsibility to stay up to date on changes to the rules and regulations as they occur.


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