Responsible Gambling Tips: Online Gamblers’ Healthy Betting

Responsible Gambling Tips: Online Gamblers’ Healthy Betting

In these unprecedented days, as we live through a pandemic and adjust healthy lifestyles to stay home and practice social distancing, people have taken on new hobbies. Online gaming is one of them. Those who are new to the online poker and casino world may find themselves sitting for hours, discovering new games and experimenting with gameplay.

There are quite a few paths to remaining healthy — mentally and physically — while still enjoying new forms of online entertainment. Even for players who are not exactly new to online gaming, reminders can be helpful.

With that in mind, here are the Top 10 ways online players should maintain healthy online gambling habits.


The great thing about playing games online from home is the ability to wear whatever you want. Wear workout clothes, or at least something comfortable that stretches.

Another benefit of online casino gaming is the ability to multitask, i.e. playing online slots while watching a movie or while exercising.


Healthy Exercise

Playing on a mobile device allows people to walk on a treadmill or go outside and walk around the neighborhood at the same time. Do a sit-up between each slot spin. Plank while waiting for the roulette wheel to stop. The options are almost endless.


If you’re not in the mood for a full-blown workout, try some stretching. Consistently move those arms and legs to keep the blood flowing and energy level up. Find a yoga position or two to practice while playing. Stretching your body may seem simple but it is very important for mental and physical health.

Don’t forget hand stretches! Whether holding a mobile device or a computer mouse, especially over time, can lead to issues like carpel tunnel syndrome. Stretch those fingers – maybe scrunch a stress ball – regularly while playing.

3.Drink water.

Drinking plenty of water is vitally important for the body and mind. Keep water nearby and try to set a goal to finish a certain amount of water every hour.

4.Keep healthy snacks nearby.

The easy thing to do is grab a bag of chips or bowl of popcorn while playing games. Too much junk food, however, will lead to lethargy. And if you’re playing a game that requires thinking about moves, as with any live dealer table games, the lack of mental sharpness can lead to financial losses.

Healthy Snacks

There are many healthy snacks to keep on hand, including protein bars, fruit, and sliced raw vegetables like carrots or celery. Most snacking is not done out of hunger but out of habit. You can still keep your hands busy and fidgeting to a minimum but with healthier food options.

5.Take healthy breaks.

Taking physical and mental breaks from any type of gambling is healthy. Whether you choose to take a break to make a healthy meal or walk the dog, make a phone call or watch a television program, that break is essential.

It is also a part of ensuring that gambling remains fun. Playing for too long in one sitting can feel like a grind, something that loses its entertainment value and becomes a habit.

One way to do this is to set an alarm before you start playing any online games. Set that timer on your phone for 30 minutes. When it goes off, pause the game or log out to do something else. Returning even 10 minutes later ensures that you still want to play and that your mind is refreshed to do so.

6.Set financial limits.

Online gaming should be treated like any other form of entertainment. Before starting, decide how much you want to spend on that activity. Deposit that amount, and stop gambling when it runs out. It is always good to take a break – even not returning until the next day – to ensure that decisions are made with a clear mind.

All the best online casino sites in Canada offer the ability to set financial limits on their sites. For example, through your account or with the assistance of a customer service representative, you can set a daily, monthly, or yearly deposit limit. This helps with long-term financial planning and responsibility.

No matter the method, it is healthy to remain aware of your spending at all times.

7.Watch for chasing signs.

When a gambler chases a loss, they are essentially chasing a win to offset a loss. This comes with a certain mindset: “I’m due!” “It’s my time to win.” “My luck has to turn around.”

None of those are the case.

Stop Sign

Those types of thoughts are dangerous and can lead to spending more money than intended and losing the essence of the game, which is to have fun. When you notice any of these types of thoughts, share them with a friend or family member. Talking it out – or even writing about it – often gives perspective and stops the negative thought process.

Avoiding gambler’s fallacy is lesson No. 1 for learning how to gamble responsibly.


If it’s no longer fun to play casino games, or if you find that you’ve spent too much money or time doing it, you might consider a self-exclusion period. Some years back, legit casinos instituted self-exclusion programs as part of responsible gambling initiatives. This is a way to draw a line in the sand and force yourself to take a break from the games.

Any customer support representative at an online casino site can facilitate it. Players can choose a time period – all the way up to a lifetime – to exclude themselves from a gaming site.

9.Play with a friend.

The best way to practice responsible gambling is to play alongside a friend. Online poker makes it easy, as players can sit at the same tables or compete in the same tournaments. This helps a player track their bankroll better because we tend to remember wins and forget losses.

Playing casino games takes a bit of creativity but can be done. Through Skype, Zoom, and other online communication tools, people can play at the same time and together. It then becomes a more social activity, which is inherently healthier. It is also a chance for a friend to express concern if they see someone taking the games too seriously or chasing losses.

10.Read up on healthy and responsible gambling.

There are multiple resources online with information about responsible gambling. Read through the information, seek additional info, and take a personal inventory of gambling habits.

Responsible Gambling

Knowledge is the best tool to keeping your gambling habits fun and healthy.

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