Ottawa is a very attractive city. It is famous for it’s out of the world architecture and amazing views. For players who want to experience great gambling, then Ottawa is the city to visit. The gambling age is 18 and above. The city also has brick-and-mortar casinos for players who still enjoy gambling the traditional way. You can play at the best-regulated gambling sites in Canada or at available global rooms on your laptop. Our team has compiled the best online gambling sites and games to enjoy. Read on for more.


Ottawa Online Gambling 2018

Ottawa takes gambling serious and it is one of the biggest businesses available. Players should, however, make sure that they play at a regulated site and make sure that they are safe at all times. We recommend that players should not give out their banking details unless they are sure about the gaming site they have chosen.

Ottawa – Real Money Gambling

Gambling for real money is quite exciting and most players choose to play for real money to get a chance of winning big or losing it all. Chasing losses is not one of the best ways to gamble. You could end up losing more than what you had planned to use. Always stick to the budget. And most importantly know when to quit. There are also free casino games to play at online gambling sites in Canada. Players can use the free mode to learn the game and enhance their gaming skills. Test one of the top rated online casinos in Ottawa, 888 Casino and enjoy the best games.

Recommended Gambling Sites

We at Maple Casino make sure that players get the best out of their gaming. Here are some of the aspects that we look for when we choose a casino:

  • A casino must have a wide range of slot machines for players to choose from.
  • Quick, best withdrawal and deposit methods.
  • Great gambling limits.
  • Live dealer casino games.
  • Currency support.

Ottawa Mobile Gaming

Players on the go also get the chance to experience great games on their mobile devices. It can be an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, or a Windows device. Players are able to access a lot of casino games and also play real money games and win real cash. There are also great casino games with great payouts.

Gambling Laws – Playing Safe

Canadians are not obliged to follow any gambling law. They are able to choose where they want to game at. The gaming law was passed in 1992, it was to manage the growth of the gambling industry in the state. New gambling sites that showed up in the province along with the setup of the Gaming Control Commission did help to ensure responsibility and the integrity of the market.

Ottawa Territory


Ottawa Territory – The Gaming Control Commission

The commission oversees casinos, Lotteries, and horse racing. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) operates 24 gaming sites for Ontario citizens. From 2018, there won’t be any laws regulating the global internet betting sites. Ottawa residents can now enjoy gambling like any other players in Canada.