Roulette Royale is a progressive jackpot version of roulette that you can find at any of the best online casinos recommended by Maple Casino. This game features a progressive jackpot where you can win big as the pot will continue to grow until the jackpot is hit. Roulette Royale is slightly similar to the European version of the game, as the wheel features 37 slots (numbered 0-36). Microgaming’s Roulette Royale features great graphics, superb animation and seamless gameplay. The player also has access to a customisable expert mode as well as various statistics on the game.

Roulette Royale Canadian online casinos

This Roulette variant is suitable for the expert Roulette players as well as those just starting out in their Online Roulette journey. There are a variety of different bets you can make in this game, so there is a multitude of Roulette strategies you can use to win. It is worth knowing that with Microgaming’s Roulette Royale, the progressive jackpot often reaches an amount up to six figures. If you like to play big and win big, Roulette Royale is for you.

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Why Play Roulette Royale?

In addition to the great progressive jackpot on offer, this casino game is entertaining and fun to play. There’s no chance of Canadian online casino players to get bored with this great roulette variant. Roulette Royale is just one of many exciting roulette games available at online casinos in Canada. Let Maple Casino help you find the best online roulette games available on the Internet.

So feel free to look up the top online casinos that we recommend. Sign up and try the game in the free-play mode first. If it tickles your fancy then you can go ahead and gamble for real money. You may never know when Lady Luck will be on your side!