At the height of all roulette games sits Premier Roulette. The game is based on European Roulette and features 36 numbered pockets, from 1 to 36, as opposed to the regular 37 pockets. The game is played in a realistic 3D so you feel as if you are actually at a Roulette table.

There are also many extras added to Premier Roulette which allow you to customize your gameplay. ‘Edit layout’ allows you to save up to five of your favourite betting options, helping you to speed up your betting. You can also make the wheel spin faster with the ‘Turbo’ feature. The 3D wheel has a zoom feature, so you can get even closer to the action. There is also the option of changing your background and Roulette Wheel colours to whichever you prefer.

Premier Roulette - Canadian Casinos

What Some Players Say

“This 3D wheel is great, I feel as if I’m right there in the casino. Who knew gambling on an online casino could be so innovative.  It’s the small things in Premier Roulette that make a difference, it might only be one pocket less, but it helps even out the odds a bit because you have one less number to account for.”  – Robyn S.

“I line up my bets and set the wheel to the turbo. Then just sit back and win its great. I can relax because the game is so easy to play and yet so easy on the eye. Premier Roulette is my first choice in Roulette games and casino games as a whole for that matter.” – Emilia K.

Play Premier Roulette Now

Bet on a single number or a range of numbers, whichever you choose it’s sure to look good and bring tons of reward. Premier Roulette brings a customized and rewarding variation to the Roulette table.

Winning at Roulette has never felt this good! So get in on the action today, try out the lavish Premier Roulette and walk away in style.