American Roulette Gold is a roulette variant offered at different online casinos featured at Maple Casino Canada. This version of roulette is true to its name, as it follows the American structure of the game. The American roulette wheel features an extra slot for the additional ‘00’. The American roulette wheel has 38 slots, while the European roulette wheel only features 37 slots; the extra slot gives the house a slight edge. Read on and learn more about this fascinating online casino games available in Canada!


As part of Microgaming’s Gold series, American Roulette Gold has added functions and a sleek appearance all gamers will enjoy. This roulette variant also features an adjustable Expert Mode, whereby the player can tailor the game to their specific playing style. American Roulette includes two additional bets that are not found in standard versions of the roulette game. With American Roulette Gold, you’re welcome to adjust the game speed, graphics and sound. This online roulette variant is definitely not one to miss, as the graphics and animation quality is superb.

More Roulette Games at Maple Casino

Roulette is one of the few casino games that come with different versions. Below are some of the popular variations of Roulette that CA gamblers enjoy:

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  2. Premier Roulette
  3. Roulette Royale
  4. Multi-wheel Roulette

Why Play American Roulette Gold at Maple Casino?

American Roulette Gold is just one of the many versions of online roulette which will be sure to satisfy all your online roulette gaming needs. Maple Casino is a certified website you can trust. Discover American Roulette Gold along with many other online roulette titles featured at the top online casinos in Canada. Experience the excitement of this great online casino game by signing up at any of the casino that we recommend and stand a chance to make your dreams come true!