The World Series of Poker Online Events #1 -10

The World Series of Poker would usually have reached the stage of the Main Event by now. Over 7,000 poker players would be locked in battle to win the most prestigious title in the poker world. Instead, the majority of the poker-playing public are on lockdown and playing online from their homes.

Wsop Event Poster

It’s a great thing, therefore, that the World Series of Poker in conjunction with GGPoker, have laid on a massive 85 WSOP bracelet events taking place on and GG Poker, with a bracelet event every day in July on the official WSOP Site and many more bracelets up for grabs between July 19th-September 6th on GGPoker.

Here’s how the first 10 players took possession of the most coveted piece of poker jewelry that any player can win.

Event #1

The first event of the Online Series saw two WPT presenters get something of a ‘Raw Deal’ as Tony Dunst and Phil Hellmuth both fell just short of glory.

With a whopping 1,715 entries in total, Hellmuth, who plays under the name ‘lumestackin’ (it’s an anagram for ‘luckiest man’) eventually finished in 11th place and went on one of his typical Twitter rants to explain exactly how he busted.

Tony Dunst got even closer to the bracelet only to miss out in agonizing circumstances. All-in with pocket nines for almost all the chips when three-handed, Dunst saw his opponent and eventual winner Jonathan Dokler call with ace-king and the hit a king on the river.

#1 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Jonathan Dokler $130,425
2nd Justin Turner $80,416
3rd Tony Dunst $57,881
4th Shawn Daniels $42,060
5th Michael Balan $30,947
6th ‘ChefShap’ $22,998
7th ‘djp1006’ $17,287
8th Mark Liedtke $13,119
9th Taylor Von Kriegenbergh $10,109

Event #2

There were 919 entries in this Deepstack event, and with the top prize of $168,586 won by Louis Lynch, plenty of other big names also bagged results along the way.

At the final table, Lynch overtook the chip leader Daniel Fischer and also outlasted one of the most popular poker Twitch streamers in Jason Somerville, who finished in 6th place.

#2 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Louis Lynch $168,586
2nd Ryan Ko $104,242
3rd Kevin Garosshen $73,424
4th Daniel Fischer $52,383
5th Sean Prendiville $37,890
6th Jason Somerville $27,763
7th Jon Gisler $20,691
8th Matthew Mich $15,628

Event #3

With more than double the previous event’s entries, the third event of the WSOP series was won by Robert Kuhn for $115,850 as he outlasted 2,090 other entries over 12 gruelling hours at the virtual felt.

All-time WSOP record holder for finishing in the money, Roland Israelashvili, cashed in 8th place, meaning that the phenomenal player made his 226th result without winning a bracelet!

#3 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Robert Kuhn $115,850
2nd Ronald Keren $71,587
3rd Richard Federico $52,242
4th Theodore Lui $38,466
5th Max Huster $28,605
6th Evan Scott $21,454
7th Christopher Fuchs $16,184
8th Roland Israelashvili $12,345
9th Andrew Freund $9,560

Event #4

The fourth event of the series was the ultimate in fulfilling a positive pre-game declaration of a player’s intentions. Matt Bode took down the $500-entry NLHE Super Turbo event to win $97,091 after he had tweeted about doing so before the kick-off.

Six hours of super-fast action later, Bode had topped the 1,179-entry field and won the biggest slice of the $530,550 prizepool, where former WSOP bracelet and European Poker Tour Main Event winner Kevin MacPhee was toppled, the American finishing 5th for $22,389.

#4 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Matt Bode $97,091
2nd Brian Frasca $59,952
3rd ‘KTUUUH’ $42,603
4th Frank Marasco $30,772
5th Kevin MacPhee $22,389
6th ‘DrJayTrotter’ $16,500
7th Ryan Dodd $12,362
8th Shawn Daniels $9,338
9th ‘Daluxxx’ $7,162

Event #5

Players often love a freezeout in poker, and there were no rebuys allowed in the 5th event of the WSOP Online Series, where Allen Chang topped a field of 854 entries to record his debut WSOP bracelet victory.

Brooklyn-based Chang walked away with the $161,286 top prize after an investment of $1,000 and showed just why he is rated so highly by his peers as he put on a masterpiece, streamed around the world on Twitch.

#5 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Allen Chang $161,286
2nd Philip Yeh $99,709
3rd Felipe Leme $69,772
4th Andrew Campbell $49,570
5th Tim Begley $35,697
6th Alex Condon $26,124
7th John Forlenza $19,390
8th Josh Greenberg $14,603
9th Quintin Trammell $11,196

Event #6

The appropriately named Nathan Gamble, won his second bracelet and $89,424 by outlasting 882 players. But one of them would not be happy to exit, with Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow raging after a slow roll sent ‘The Mouth’ into a foul-mouthed rant which he would later retract.

Matusow wasn’t the only one as it appeared to be catching, with Daniel ‘Kid Poker’ Negreanu almost outdoing his old rival with a Twitch stream that even the six-time winner couldn’t help laughing at.

Matusow and Negreanu missed out on the final stages, but others ran even deeper than him, with Max Pescatori (10th for $4,813) and former WSOP Main Event final table player Jeremy Ausmus (8th for $9,096) and Ryan Lenaghan (7th for $10,750) getting close but not close enough.

#6 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Nathan Gamble $89,424
2nd “danish01” $55,283
3rd “rainman3817” $38,685
4th “hansdigalo” $27,484
5th “SSJTimmy” $19,792
6th Simon Lam $14,484

Event #7

The next event featured a win for Joon Kim, the experienced player winning $103,127 by taking down the 989-entry Knockout Deepstack event, with others such as Ryan Riess, nicknamed ‘The Beast’ for his WSOP Main Event victory, making money, Riess coming in 33rd place for $2,403.

Negreanu’s action was a little more reserved this time, and his event was one where he made more friends than enemies this time round.

#7 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Joon Kim $103,127
2nd ‘bunsamillion’ $63,767
3rd Eric Baldwin $44,914
4th Jason Gunn $32,044
5th Ian Steinman $23,178
6th ‘smallmytable’ $16,983
7th Jeff Platt $12,657
8th ‘fan_sawyer21’ $9,560
9th ‘thehofffx’ $7,316

Event #8

WSOP favourite Alan Goehring took down the 8th event, winning $119,399 to add to over $5 million in live tournament winnings during his career.

With 1,478 other entries standing in his way, Goehring escaped the clutches of Phil Hellmuth (109th for $931) and Kevin MacPhee (93rd for $1,703) among others, with his heads-up experience crucial in sealing the deal.

#8 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player     Prize
1st Alan Goehring $119,399
2nd Ross Gottlieb $73,942
3rd Randy Ohel $52,511
4th Robert Kuhn $37,803
5th ‘clembutt’ $27,620
6th ‘dudeguydrew’ $20,365
7th ‘aceviper’ $15,307
8th Scott Davies $11,580
9th ‘xILoUieIx’ $8,918

Event #9

It’s always special to win a WSOP bracelet but when you’ve never won one before, having played live poker for many years, it’s even more special. It was certainly that to Ron McMillen, who won online event #9 the very first time he played online poker.

With 1,026 entries and a massive top prize of $188,214, but it was the 70-year-old who was victorious and he celebrated in style in a video shared by the WSOP on Twitter.

#9 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player     Prize
1st Ron McMillen $188,214
2nd Ryan Torgersen $116,379
3rd Wade Griffith $81,972
4th Ruth Ruffman $58,482
5th Chris Moody $42,301
6th Ian Steinman $30,995

Event #10

The 10th event of the WSOP Series so far saw Ryan Torgerson win the $600-entry MonsterStack for $172,361 with over 2,000 entries standing in his way. It was particularly impressive from Togerson as he had finished runner-up to McMillen in the previous event, so showed enormous determination to close the deal just one tournament later.

#10 WSOP Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
1st Ryan Torgerson $172,361
2nd Brandon Lenn $106,508
3rd Sam Grizzle $77,725
4th Eric Blair $57,229
5th Chris Carey $42,558
6th Brent Roberts $31,918
7th Justin Whitfield $24,079
8th Nick Pupillo $18,367
9th Tom Dean $14,234

With plenty more drama to come in the 2020 World Series of Poker Online Series, there are sure to be big stories to tell and legends to be born, in Las Vegas or not.

Paul Seaton

Paul Seaton


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