How Can Feng Shui Improve Your Online Gambling Luck?

How Can Feng Shui Improve Your Online Gambling Luck?

People have used the art of feng shui in many aspects of life for centuries, including bringing harmony into their homes. Chinese geomancy is multi-faceted, though, so it can be applied to many facets of life. Read on to discover whether you can improve gambling luck with feng shui while playing table games online.

Benefits Of Feng Shui While Gambling

Feng shui literally means wind-water and originates from ancient Chinese culture. The system of energy forces in the environment can be manipulated in subtle ways to create harmony, whether in physical spaces or for a human being.

And in many ways, people believe that feng shui can create good fortune. This is why casino players have started to incorporate some of the principles of feng shui into their gambling habits.

While many westerners see feng shui as a pseudo-science, when you start to read how feng shui works in practice, you’ll notice that it dovetails quite well with western advice on maintaining calm and balance when gambling. By creating harmony while playing casino games, some believe it helps to bring fortune in addition to peace and harmony.

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1. Play in a Peaceful Environment

The basics of feng shui revolve around bringing harmony to one’s environment. The space where an online gambler plays is therefore just as important as the play itself.

Create a space for peaceful gaming. Energy should be able to flow through a space without impediment.

For example, sit in a chair that faces a door so all good energy can be welcomed and flow through the doorway. Sit near a window so energy and light can permeate the gaming space. At home or in the casino, clear your gaming space of clutter and unnecessary items. Make sure the space is free of dust and dirt.

2. Enhance Good Energy

Objects can help welcome and increase the flow of good energy, as well as block out the negative. If the space in which one plays games is positive and free-flowing, a mirror can enhance that space. Mirrors reflect the good and helps spread it around the room.

Fountains and any flow of water is the key to optimal feng shui as water is an integral part of the term itself. A small fountain or aquarium can serve that purpose. The sound of water is calming to many, which helps a player maintain calm when gambling.

Certain other symbols and items bring good luck, such as crystals, Buddha statues, representations of dragons, and bamboo. Crystals especially are supposed to be able to welcome and spread sunlight, as they absorb the positive and can emit it to parts of a room that may not always see the light.

3. Do Not Count Money

This mostly applies to players in a live gambling environment like a casino, but it can apply to players as well. It’s bad luck to count your money, because it stops the flow. That’s because it puts the focus on exact amounts rather than the welcoming of all money.

It is also bad luck to count or look at other people’s money. In an online environment, that would pertain to looking at jackpots won by other players and coveting their winnings.

As you can see, while you might not directly improve gambling luck with feng shui, it does teach principles that keep gamblers in a positive state of mind. Any gambling expert would suggest this is beneficial.

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4. Pay Attention to Colours

Colours and their proper placement are important to feng shui. Most importantly for general feng shui is using blue and black, as they symbolise water.

Other colours can strengthen some elements of feng shui:

  • Green, the colour of nature, symbolises health and the balance of family and home.
  • Yellow, a colour of the Sun, brings light and symbolises happiness and good energy.
  • White, a hard colour, brings supportive energy.
  • Blue relates to growth and the flow of money, a nourishment of good things.

Not only can colours be incorporated into one’s surroundings in the space where one gambles, but noting these colour as dominant in some casino games may draw a player to them. For example, if a player looks over a list of gaming slot titles and sees something with a blue background, that might be a good choice as blue represents a vital part of feng shui.

5. Know the Symbolism of Numbers

Some numbers are associated with feng shui concepts and elements. Most believe that the numbers play a role in the order in which they appear and the way they are incorporated into a person’s surroundings or actions.

    • One: water, pertaining to one’s career or life journey
    • Two: earth, pertaining to a land that inspires growth in relationships
    • Three: sturdy wood, strong and sturdy to bond families and create new beginnings
    • Four: flexible wood, encourages wealth and fortune
    • Five: earth, the center that stabilizes physical and mental health
    • Six: hard metal, symbolizing travel and helpful people
    • Seven: soft metal, encouraging joy and productivity
    • Eight: mountains, a foundation like knowledge
    • Nine: fire, illuminating one’s positives and positive reputation

Feng Shui Lucky Numbers

Using all the numbers is thought to represent perfect balance. A gameboard or gaming machine that includes all ten numbers would therefore improve gambling luck through feng shui principles.

Keep an eye on these numbers when choosing coin values, the number of spins on any one game, and the amount of time spent playing online.

While everyone might not believe in the benefits of feng shui, players should look at this Chinese tradition as a way of achieving harmony between oneself and one’s environment. Western superstitions like knocking on wood or crossing one’s fingers give oneself a sense of control in a chaotic world. For gamblers who practice feng shui, the same principle applies.

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