Top High Roller Casinos with the Highest Betting Limits

Top High Roller Casinos with the Highest Betting Limits

Although most of us aren’t high-rollers yet (hopefully one day, right?), there’s something alluring about peeking into the high-limit rooms of casinos. There’s always a curiosity as to who is in there playing – a celebrity, a politician, a famous business owner – and how much they’re playing with. Of course, most of us stick with much more modest amounts, but some of the casinos on this list require you start off with at least $300,000. If you’ve been wondering where the high rollers love to play, wonder no more as we’ve compiled a list of the land-based casinos with the highest limits from around the world. Here’s a look and where you should go if you’ve got money to blow:

Wynn Sky Casino

Location: Las Vegas

Wynn sky Casino

One of the most exclusive high roller casinos in Las Vegas is the Wynn Sky Casino. It’s located inside of the Encore Tower. But it’s not just a spot on the regular gaming floor. While the regular casino, which is quite luxurious in its own right, is on the main floor, the Sky Casino is on the 63rd floor. While playing, it’s easy to get distracted by the massive floor-to-ceiling windows with the gorgeous view of The Strip. It’s a breath of fresh air, actually, as most casinos don’t really make any windows visible and don’t have much sunlight.

You have to be a baller to play at the Sky Casino as the minimum – yes, minimum – credit line here is $300,000. For some, that’s a mortgage. For others, it’s just a night out on the town. 

The Venetian

Location: Macau

The Venetian in Macao


Macau is known as the Las Vegas of the East. And while it has a little bit of a different layout (it’s more spaced out than The Strip in Las Vegas), it still has the same high-end, luxury feel. The huge gambling playground caters to the Chinese mostly, and boy do they love to gamble. That’s not meant in a negative way, because gaming and luck are a big part of the culture.

High rollers in Macau head to The Venetian, which looks and feels exactly like the one in Las Vegas. The high roller room is massive as it’s 13,000 square feet. They tend to be more coy about publicly listing their limits but you can easily hit five figures on table games and some slots are offered at $2,000 a spin. That’s enough to make some people blush, but for the world’s richest, that’s just a drop in the bucket.

The Mansion At MGM Grand

Location: Las Vegas

MGM Mansion
The Mansion Atrium at MGM Grand at Night

High rollers at MGM Grand don’t stay at the actual hotel itself. Sure, it’s a pretty nice spot and all, but that’s for the regulars. The VIP’s get access to their own mansion.

If you happen to be a high roller at the MGM Grand, get ready to be wheeled around in a Rolls Royce. And stay at a massive mansion that’s adorned in marble. It also includes a beautiful atrium, some well-manicured gardens and its own private pool.

Of course, you can stroll over to the high-limit casino too, which is reserved specifically for high rollers. That’s where the high-stakes fun really gets going.

Tropicana Atlantic City

Location: Atlantic City


If you’re looking for the spot where the high rollers go on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, the Tropicana will offer some big limits. But they’re far more cautious as to who they offer them to these days.

Back in 2012, Don Johnson won $6 million in the casino in one night, cleaning out the Tropicana. They let him play $100,000 per hand, which is an incredible limit. He also took the Borgata for $5 million and Caesars for $4 million before that. So, you can expect the Tropicana to keep a close eye on you if you ask for six-figure limits.

Bellagio Private Gaming Villa

Location: Las Vegas



The Bellagio is one of the more opulent casinos on The Strip. But VIP’s get to experience luxury on a whole other level. The idea is similar to the Wynn’s Sky Casino, as here you’ll go onto a private floor to play. Unfortunately, it’s not the 63rd like the Wynn’s, and it doesn’t have the same type of views.

Nonetheless, here you get to gamble in a gorgeous 2600 square foot space that’s decorated with purple felt and beige undertones. Not just anyone can waltz in here, though, as you have to start with a credit limit of at least $300,000. When you’re feeling exhausted from all of the action, you can retreat to your room in the villa, which can be equipped with butlers, masseuses and even your own dealer – should you want to play some more.

Le Grand Casino Du Monte Carlo

Location: Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco is well known for being a hub for the wealthy. Just take a stroll down to Port Hercules where some of the biggest yachts (and superyachts) in the world are parked. That’s why it’s no surprise that the casinos nearby offer some of the highest limits in the world. Of course, you can always negotiate to have them expanded. But their Salon Prive suites already come with big maximums – at least for the common man. Take the Baccarat tables, for example. You’re free to wager up to $1,800 per bet – and that’s before speaking to the pit boss, who’ll easily push it five or 10 times higher if you’re good for it.

If big numbers are your flavor, this is one of the best places for you to play in Europe.

Talon Room At Cosmopolitan

Location: Las Vegas 

Talon Room Cosmopolitan

The Talon Room at the Cosmopolitan is usually a little more welcoming to the masses. That’s because on weekdays, they’ll offer up games with minimum limits of $300. Which is still a lot, but is painfully low for your average whale. Located on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan hotel in the City Center, this room has one really cool feature: you can order food from any Cosmopolitan restaurant and have it delivered. There’s a private dining area where you can enjoy your meal, and it’s pretty sweet that you can order from China Poblano or E by Jose Andres or Estiatoro Milos and they’ll deliver it right to you.

Aria High Limit Room

Location: Las Vegas


Not far off from the Cosmo is another high-limit room worth checking out. The Aria High Limit Room is also more approachable than your average Vegas spot. The games start at about $200 a hand. They have some great variety too as you can play Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and also spin some slots. Of course, you can easily get into the six figures if you want. Which makes for a more eclectic VIP area as you might has someone playing massive amounts at a table over from someone dabbling with a thousand or two.

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