World Poker Tour Pairs with 888poker for WPTDS Online

The World Poker Tour truly branched out when the coronavirus pandemic forced the postponement and/or cancelation of its live poker tournaments in early 2020. The company first reached out to longtime partner PartyPoker and offered numerous online poker series. For players in Canada and many other countries, they had more access to WPT tournaments than ever before.

In recent months, the World Poker Tour has also started working with 888poker. While many Canadians may be familiar with 888casino and the wealth of slots and table games options, 888poker is widely known amongst poker players as one of the most popular sites in the world.

WPTDeepStacks and 888poker are now teaming up to offer mid-stakes tournaments online to various parts of the world.

WPTDS Heads to Europe

The WPTDeepStacks segment of WPT tournaments offers mid-range buy-ins for broader poker audiences. After years of live events, the pandemic put it all on pause, but the tour recently hosted a few events in Asia and in the United States get things moving again.

The largest of the live events thus far was the WPTDeepStacks Venetian that ran in Las Vegas from 29 January to 1 February. The $1,600 buy-in WPTDS Main Event offered a $500K guarantee, but players descended upon the Las Vegas Strip to play in numbers that added up to 812 entries. That created an actual prize pool of $1,161,160.

To reach beyond US borders, though, the World Poker Tour recently announced its partnership with 888poker for WPTDeepStacks in several European markets.

One of the smaller series will be the WPTDS Italy Online, set for 18-26 April to players within the borders of Italy only. There will be 16 events with a total of €350K guaranteed.

A bit larger will be the WPTDS Iberia Online, set for the same dates but only for players in Portugal and Spain. Its 16 tournaments will guarantee a total of €400K in prize pools.

The largest of the new series, though, will be WPTDeepStacks London, which will be open to those on the dot-com network. (Hello, Canada!) Those 16 events will also run from 18-26 April but the guarantees far surpass the others. 888poker and WPTDS guarantee more than $3M for the London festival.

WPTDS London Welcomes All

The WPTDeepStacks London Online series will be available to the dot-com network, which includes all markets not ring-fenced like American states and some European countries.

The mid-April series will offer that $3M GTD over the course of the 16 tournaments. Those events will provide a wide range of buy-in availability, from as low as $16.50 to a $2,100 high roller. The Main Event will fall in the middle with a $1,050 buy-in but a $1M guarantee.

Without further ado, the WPTDS London schedule is as follows:

  • Event 1 on 18 April: $525 buy-in NLHE Opener ($200K GTD)
  • Event 2 on 18 April: $55 buy-in NLHE Mini Opener ($50K GTD)
  • Event 3 on 19 April: $320 buy-in NLHE PKO ($100K GTD)
  • Event 4 on 19 April: $320 buy-in NLHE Mini PKO ($30K GTD)
  • Event 5 on 20 April: $2,100 buy-in NLHE High Roller ($100K GTD)
  • Event 6 on 20 April: $215 buy-in NLHE Mini High Roller ($75K GTD)
  • Event 7 on 21 April: $440 buy-in Crazy 8 ($100K GTD)
  • Event 8 on 21 April: $88 buy-in Mini Crazy 8 ($30K GTD)
  • Event 9 on 22 April: $525 buy-in NLHE Marathon ($100K GTD)
  • Event 10 on 22 April: $160 buy-in NLHE Half-Marathon ($50K GTD)
  • Event 11 on 23 April: $109 buy-in NLHE PKO 8-Max ($50K GTD)
  • Event 12 on 23 April: $16.50 buy-in NLHE Mini PKO 8-Max ($20K GTD)
  • Event 13 on 24 April: $320 buy-in NLHE 6-Max ($100K GTD)
  • Event 14 on 24 April: $33 buy-in NLHE Mini 6-Max ($20K GTD)
  • Event 15 on 25 April: $215 buy-in NLHE Mini Main Event ($100K GTD)
  • Event 16 on 18-26 April: $1,050 buy-in NLHE Main Event ($1M GTD)

The primary Main Event will offer starting days on each day of the series, with all survivors returning to play Day 2 on 26 April for the win.

However, 888poker is also offering extra starting days before the series actually begins. Those are on 28 March, 4 April, and 11 April.

Free and Discounted WPTDS Tickets

As always, 888poker offers numerous ways to win seats into the WPTDS London series.

Freerolls are player favorites – obviously – and will award more than $200K worth of tickets in the coming weeks. Players can win their tickets through the daily freerolls that started March 18 and will run through April 25.

There are also satellites and sub-satellites, the latter often with a certain number of guaranteed tickets in each. And those sub-satellites offer chances to earn seats for as little as $11.

Once the series gets underway, the WPTDeepStacks Treasure Hunt will begin, with players able to win tickets by finding hidden WPTDS trophies in videos, social media posts, and during livestreams. And speaking of those livestreams, they will be hosted on the 888poker Facebook page and YouTube channel as follows:

  • Sunday 18 April: Event 1 Opener
  • Tuesday 20 April: Event 5 High Roller
  • Thursday 22 April: Event 9 Marathon
  • Monday 26 April: Event 15 Main Event Day 2



Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell has been writing about poker and gambling since 2004. From her days in the WPT offices to covering summers of WSOP tournament action, she also followed gambling legislation to Washington D.C. and women-only poker to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, she lived in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for many years before moving back to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Now, Jen travels less, writing about poker and online gambling from her home with her two dogs watching her every move. In her spare time, she follows politics, works on her never-finished novels, and learns Italian in the hopes of retiring to Italy someday.

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