The Best Social Media Apps to Help Your Online Casino & Poker Game

Although many people find social media a bit of a time-suck these days, the truth is it all depends on how you use it. If you’re merely flipping through old photos of old friends with no end in sight, then it can definitely be a poor way to pass the time. However, if you use it properly, it can be a great learning tool.

For those who are into online casino gaming or poker, here’s how social media can really help you.

Follow Those Who Are Plugged in On Twitter

Twitter is a great source to keep in touch with both casino and poker happenings. For the most part, Twitter is now the top source for news. If you’re following many of the key voices in either realm, you’re going to get plugged into the latest bulletins as soon as they come out. For example, when Las Vegas started reopening after the coronavirus lockdown, Twitter was one of the first spots where the news started to spread like wildfire.

The D Re-opening in Las Vegas on Social Media

Not only is it a great spot to get the headlines, it’s a unique place where you can plug into the biggest voices in the realm. Take poker, for example. You can follow all of the biggest players and authorities in the space, which means the information that they read, share or tweet is going to rub off on you. You can even reach out to them directly with questions, although not everyone answers all of their followers.

Twitter is also a great platform for conversation, so when news breaks or events do happen, you can chat about them with other like-minded players. For example, the cheating scandal at Stones Gambling Hall was widely discussed on Twitter. Players could tune in, read about and then discuss their views on what happened. Twitter is also the best place to be when mega-events like the World Series of Poker Main Event are playing out as you can not only chat about it, but catch clips of the biggest hands that year.

YouTube for Honing Your Game

YouTube has now become one of the biggest hubs for learning on the internet. Want to learn how to properly taste wine or fix the burnt-out bulb in your car? YouTube will have guides to help you out. The same goes for players looking to thrive with anything related to casino or poker.

If you’re a beginner, YouTube will have all sorts of videos on how to get started. With casino games, there are the most basic how-to’s on every type of game you can think of. From slots to baccarat to every type of blackjack, it’s all there. The same goes with poker. If you want to get an intro into Texas Hold’em, Omaha or any other type of game, there are hours upon hours of great content. Channels like Live at the Bike stream real poker with real players live, which means there is no better way to learn.

Live at the Bike Youtube

What’s really useful on YouTube is when you go beyond the first layer, though. In other words, if you know the basic 101 stuff, but want to become an expert. There are a lot of really skilled players who talk about their strategy, books they’ve read, tools they’ve used to become expert-level players. When you really want to take that next leap, look for some of the big authorities in the realm to advance yourself.

Lastly, YouTube is great for event recaps. If you missed the broadcast of the World Series of Poker or you missed out on someone’s Twitch stream for the day, many of those things are archived on YouTube. Even better is when you have an expert player walking you through those recaps, so you can have a voice tell you what the players were thinking at the time of the live event, and discuss what they should have done in certain situations. That’ll help you get more out of the broadcast.

Twitch for Live Action

Speaking of Twitch, this has become the best place to watch the pros play. Many big poker influencers and pros are on Twitch. You can tune into see them in action. Things like poker don’t really have a home on an accessible cable channel. You don’t see a whole lot other than the World Series of Poker on ESPN and maybe some other tournaments popping up on other cable channels from time to time. However, Twitch allows you to tune into the action 24 hours a day.

Typically, where Twitch is useful to new players, is to follow someone and get a feel for how they’re playing their hands. For example, with poker, you can follow someone like Lex Veldhuis and watch him play online poker. He’ll typically walk you through his decision-making process through each hand, and then you can really get a feel for how successful players play the game.

Lex Veldhuis Twitch

In the past, your best bet to improve would be to read books and go to the casino. Now there are so many more tools – and more effective tools – at your fingertips that can really elevate your game right from the comfort of your own home.

Facebook for Groups & Content

Many people view Facebook as the social media to be for socializing with current and former friends. But it’s also a great tool for casino and poker players who want to improve their game.

The most common area where this is useful is for groups. You might find groups for poker or blackjack players. And those have kind of become a makeshift forum of the modern day. People will ask questions, post relevant stories and then relevant conversations can be had underneath the topic. This allows you to bond and associate with like-minded people in the space.

Canada Poker Community Facebook Group

Outside of that, you’ll see a lot of brands and websites who are on Facebook. If you like their page, you can get a steady stream of their content in your feed. That typically means promotions, if you’re following your favorite online casino, or useful articles if you’re following a news outlet.

As with Twitter, you have to curate your feed a little bit to make it useful. Once you do, it can be a really helpful source to hone your game.

Subreddits for Similar Minds

Reddit is a fantastic social media platform where you can connect with people of similar minds. While it’s similar to Facebook groups in some ways, people are mostly anonymous on the platform. This allows for a different type of engagement. Also, Reddit functions differently. For example, let’s say you join the Poker subreddit. As with all of Reddit, the best posts and comments get upvoted, so the best content bubbles to the top. On Facebook, you’ll just see everything that’s posted and it’s not all good; on Reddit, the best content is featured. There are so many useful subreddits to join from r/Poker to r/OnlinePoker to r/Gambling. You’ll really start to tap into the best of these communities. The more you read, discuss and share good content, the better you’ll become as a player in this realm too.

How do you use social media to your advantage?

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