Best Restaurants In Las Vegas Casinos

There was a time when the focal point of the Las Vegas Strip was just the gaming, but they’ve done such a fantastic job in the last 15 years of building out a full-on experience. The pool parties are lit, the musical acts are incredible, and the dining scene is now one of the best in the world. The Strip is now one of the culinary hot spots in North America as all sorts of celebrity and star chefs have restaurants all over. We decided to compile a list of the best ones, so if you’re looking to take a break from the quintessential buffets (they’re fantastic too, by the way), here are the best restaurants you’ll find in a Las Vegas casino.

NoMad Bar

NoMad Bar

Casino: Park MGM

Daniel Humm is now a legendary chef as his Eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York has previously been rated the best in the world. He works with restauranteur Will Guidara on that spot, NoMad in New York, and also NoMad in Las Vegas too. The two NoMads are very similar, which means you’re stepping into a very classy joint where slow piano jazz sets the tone and fancy cocktails set the mood.

One of the best dishes their known for is the NoMad roast chicken. It’s a big bird that’s stuffed with foie gras and black truffles. It’s bound to bring you some of the best bites you’ve had in your life.

Bardot Brasserie

Steak Frites at Bardot Brasserie

Casino: Aria

Bardot Brasserie is a classy French spot in Aria. This is one of celebrity chef Michael Mina’s spots in Vegas. This one offers an old school vibe. When you step in, it feels like you’re in the 1920’s with slow jazz playing and a polished central bar.

There are few wrong turns you can make on this menu, but when in a French restaurant, why not do as the French would do? That means foie gras (they offer both a parfait and seared), bread and butter (they claim to have the world’s best butter), some oysters and steak frites. And don’t forget to take a peek at their extensive wine list, which offers plenty of fine options.

Bardot Brasserie has a happy hour from 5-7 daily. So take advantage, as there are some good deals during that window.

Estiatoro Milos

Estiatoro Milos Restaurants

Casino: Cosmopolitan

Located up on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan, is a Greek oasis known as Estiatoro Milos. While the casino downstairs is loud and bustling, this restaurant upstairs operates at the pace of the Mediterranean beachside. Seafood is top-notch and even better is the large variety. It’s not just salmon and scallops here; you’ll find fresh calamari, crab, lobster, tuna and, of course, octopus. They always have a full fish preparation that’s both grilled whole and baked in sea salt. Both are recommended.

Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar

Bavettes Beef

Casino: Park MGM

Bavette’s Steakhouse offers the type of dimly-lit setting that makes you wonder what kind of business deals are going down in the tables around you. Located on the casino floor of the newly-renovated Park MGM, this is the type of place you visit if meat is your fancy. Portions here are nothing short of generous and if indulgence is your flavor, the 22-oucnce, 42-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye should be in your sites. And if you’re feeling a little raw, make sure to try out the steak tartare, which is one of the best renditions you’ll find anywhere.

Mayfair Supper Club

Mayfair Supper Club

Casino: Bellagio

One of the newer spots on The Strip is the Mayfair Supper Club in the Bellagio. It’s taken the space where Hyde nightclub used to be. This means if you get a spot outside on the patio, you’re in the prime viewing area of the Bellagio Fountains. Can you get a better view than that? Inside is a riff on supper clubs worldwide, which means you’ll see a number of the classics like roasted chicken, lobster thermidor and beef wellington. If you’re looking for something special try the caviar service.

It’s worth noting that the Mayfair Supper Club has a pre-theater menu from 5-6 PM daily, so you can get a deal on a three-course meal, which is the way we recommend enjoying this spot.

Morimoto Las Vegas

Morimoto Menu Items

Casino: MGM Grand

You’re bound to have a special experience when you step into the Iron Chef’s Japanese restaurants. The space itself is quite beautiful as they’ve put a lot of work into making this a unique place.

Of course, the headliners at Morimoto are mostly sushi and sashimi – including some rare fishes. That includes Japanese mackerel, amberjack and – of course – the fatty tunas. If you’re looking for something hot, the teppanyaki (Japanese grill) options are exquisite. Diving into the wagyu beef filets is nothing short of ideal if you like fatty, juicy and tender pieces of meat.

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon restaurants

Casino: MGM Grand

If you’ve hit the jackpot and have some bank to blow, it doesn’t get any better than Joel Robuchon in MGM Grand. The restaurant previously received three Michelin stars and if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, this would be it.

The restaurants main experience here is a tasting menu. You’re sure to eat some of the finest ingredients the world can offer. That might include caviar, foie gras, lobster and occasional gold leaves. To give you an idea of how extravagant this restaurant is, their bread cart offers about 20 different types of breads they bake fresh every single day. And when they bring your bill, you get your choice of mignardises – homemade chocolates and candies – to end your meal on a sweet note. There’s more than 30 to choose from and they’re happy to have you try them all!


Carbone Pasta

Casino: Aria

One of the top restaurants for Italian on The Strip is at Aria’s Carbone. While a tad on the pricy side, they offer sizable portions of Italian classics with plenty of bold flavors. Located in the Aria, this restaurant has a real New York-like feel to it. You sometimes can’t tell if the waiters will tell you a joke or be brash with you – but in a good way.

The pastas are the real deal here – all homemade – and anything from the Linguini a la Vongole to the Spaghetti Puttanesca are all delicious. If you’re a true Italian at heart, though, the pasta is merely an appetizer before you dive into the veal parmesan, whole branzino, double lamb chops or one of the other enormous entrees.

Wing Lei

Wing Lei Restaurants

Casino: Wynn

Over-sauced, over-friend Chinese food is typically thought of as either a quick-fix or a frugal family style meal, but here’s a newsflash for you: that’s the American version of Chinese food. If you’re looking to try the real, authentic style of Chinese food, Wing Lei is the place to visit. Located in the Wynn, this was the first of Chinese restaurants in the entire United States to earn a Michelin Star.

The highlight here is the Cantonese, Shanghai and Sichuan flavors from chef Ming Yu. If you had to order just one thing here, it’s the Peking duck, which is carved table side and melt-in-your-mouth good.


Eataly Pasta

Casino: Park MGM

If you can’t figure out what to eat, Eataly is always a good option. It’s a gigantic Italian marketplace right near The Strip entrance to Park MGM, which hosts all sorts of fun stalls. Want to stay and eat? They’ll make you fresh Neapolitan pies and handmade pasta right there. Want something to go? Order up some salty salami and pair it with some fresh-baked bread from a different stall, and go for a little picnic. Wine lovers should check out the wine stall. It often has Barolo wine flights as well as some unique Italian wines you won’t find in many other spots.

The Pizzeria

Secret Pizza Entrance

Casino: The Cosmopolitan

If you’re looking for something to soak up a hangover (or just something delicious to fill you up), The Pizzeria on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan is ideal. It’s often referred to as ‘Secret Pizza’ because you have to go down a little corridor to find it. When you do, you’ll get a bite of some of the best slices in Las Vegas. This place pumps out authentic New York-style pies that are thin and tasty.

Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres

Bazaar Meat

Casino: Sahara

Few people really venture down to the north end of The Strip these days. But it’s worth checking out the new Sahara, which just finished up a big renovation. Foodies who know have been going there just for Bazaar Meat, which is an incredible steakhouse by the legendary Jose Andres. There’s a raw bar with all sorts of awesome ceviches, caviar flights and cotton candy foie gras. Don’t let that distract you from the main event: the meat. All of the red and rare options are fired over a wood grill and served up to you once they’re perfect. Beyond the basics, there are some really unique options here like the roasted suckling pig and Kobe beef. Bazaar Meat is among the only restaurants on The Strip where you can get it.

Best Friend

Best Friend Menu Item

Casino: Park MGM

Looking for restaurants off the beaten path? Try out Roy Choi’s Best Friend in the Park MGM. Choi is known as the godfather of food trucks and this is his first joint in Las Vegas. It’s kind of hard to describe what you’ll find here. Think something like a marriage between Korean barbecue and Mexican. That means lots of bold flavors.

This is a really fun, dressed-down type of joint – one of which you enter through a liquor store. Even if you’re not eating there, check it out as it’s a really unique spot.

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