PokerStars Offers MicroMillions Marathon This Week

Micro-stakes poker players, get ready! Not only is PokerStars back with another edition of its MicroMillions tournament series, it packaged the 107 tournaments into a marathon. It will play out over four days later this week and pay out at least $3M.

Remember the Last MicroMillions?

Typically, PokerStars runs a couple of MicroMillions series each year. With other series offering a few options for micro-stakes players, the only chance they have to grind an entire series is during the MicroMillions.

The last MicroMillions was the 18th in its history and ran November 19-29. It had 117 tournaments spread out over 11 days with more than $3.5M in prize pool guarantees. Buy-ins ranged from $1.10 to $11, with the only exception being the Main Event with a $22 buy-in.

That Main Event in November garnered 48,812 entries, with 33,751 being unique players and the rest reentries. That created a prize pool of $976,240, but that wasn’t enough to cover the $1M guarantee. That meant the players saw an overlay of $23,760 – free money in the pot from PokerStars to meet the promised prize pool. And in the end, a German player based in Austria called “ibotown” won it for $95,120.74 (an odd number due to a two-way deal during heads-up play).

In all, though, the series exceeded expectations. The numbers for MicroMillions 18 were:

  • 115 tournaments (2 events cancelled due to technical issues)
  • 889,201 total entries
  • $4,636,329.05 prize pool money awarded (far exceeding $3.5M GTD)
  • $468,998.82 in first-place prizes awarded

Russian players took 24 of the 115 titles, with Brazilians taking 18 and Canadians 13.

PokerStars also tracks the ROI (return on investment) for players, determining the most impressive in that series was “Official_Lula” of Brazil starting with a $1.10 buy-in and turning it into $6,429.82 in the NLHE event on the last day of the series.

Every Half Hour

How does a poker site load 107 tournaments into a four-day series for the MicroMillions Marathon? PokerStars will start a new one approximately every half hour from February 11-14.

The entire series will offer $3M in prize pool guarantees, with $1M of that promised in the Main Event alone. The $22 buy-in Main Event will try again to meet the $1M with entries, but PokerStars will make up the difference (otherwise known to players as free money) if it comes up short.

Again, the buy-ins range from $1.10 to $11, with the Main Event as the sole exception.

What to Expect

There are several tournaments on the schedule with very large guarantees. The aforementioned Main Event is the biggest of them all, but there are a few others of note:

  • Event 37 on 12 Feb: $11 NLHE PKO 8-Max ($100K GTD)
  • Event 62 on 13 Feb: $9.80 NLHE Big PKO 8-Max ($125K GTD)
  • Event 93 on 14 Feb: $22 NLHE PKO Main Event ($1M GTD)
  • Event 95 on 14 Feb: $11 NLHE ($100K GTD)

The schedule offers a great deal of structure and format variation, from hyper-turbo to bubble rush, from 4-max to 8-max, and from progressive knockout to total knockout. There are also non-hold’em tournaments for those wanting some variety:

  • Event 4 on 11 Feb: $1.10 PLO 8-Max ($3,500 GTD)
  • Event 10 on 11 Feb: $5.50 PLO Turbo 6-Max ($8K GTD)
  • Event 15 on 11 Feb: $3.30 PLO H/L PKO Turbo 8-Max ($10K GTD)
  • Event 18 on 11 Feb: $5.50 Limit 8-Game 6-Max ($3,500 GTD)
  • Event 35 on 12 Feb: $5.50 NLO Turbo 6-Max ($12,500 GTD)
  • Event 42 on 12 Feb: $3.30 6+ Hold’em 6-Max ($7,500 GTD)
  • Event 46 on 12 Feb: $1.10 Omaha H/L PKO 8-Max ($3,500 GTD)
  • Event 58 on 13 Feb: $3.30 PL Fusion 6-Max ($3,500 GTD)
  • Event 61 on 13 Feb: $3.30 PLO PKO 6-Max ($5K GTD)
  • Event 68 on 13 Feb: $5.50 NLO H/L PKO 6-Max ($12,500 GTD)
  • Event 71 on 13 Feb: $3.30 NL 6+ Hold’em PKO 6-Max ($7,500 GTD)
  • Event 87 on 14 Feb: $1.10 NLO 6-Max ($3,500 GTD)
  • Event 99 on 14 Feb: $3.30 Limit HORSE 6-Max ($7,500 GTD)
  • Event 101 on 14 Feb: $5.50 6+ Hold’em 6-Max ($15K GTD)
  • Event 103 on 14 Feb: $5.50 PLO H/L PKO 6-Max ($12,500 GTD)

PokerStars published the full schedule of all 107 events, complete with game variation, format, buy-in and guarantee, and the starting time.

Don’t forget that there are satellites on PokerStars around the clock this week as low as $0.11.

It is the perfect time for micro-stakes grinders (and low-stakes grinders) to play with a lot of guarantees, variety, potential, and players at mostly the same level.



Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell has been writing about poker and gambling since 2004. From her days in the WPT offices to covering summers of WSOP tournament action, she also followed gambling legislation to Washington D.C. and women-only poker to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, she lived in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for many years before moving back to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Now, Jen travels less, writing about poker and online gambling from her home with her two dogs watching her every move. In her spare time, she follows politics, works on her never-finished novels, and learns Italian in the hopes of retiring to Italy someday.

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