New Game of the Week: Nuke World by Evoplay Entertainment

Evoplay Entertainment is a relatively new name in the online slot development game, but consistently popular releases of games like Nuke World increase recognition and respect around the world.

Play Amo Casino online has embraced the Evoplay Entertainment collection of game titles. The variety of themes and features makes Evoplay Entertainment a favorite of new casino slot players. From Robin Hood to Naughty Girls Cabaret, the games range from Vegas Nights to USSR Grocery, futuristic games to stories of emperor tombs to talisman fortunes and from dragons to robots.

Simply look at the futuristic Necromancer game to see what Evoplay Entertainment is capable of.

Evoplay Entertainment also offers some unique casino table games as well, from several versions of Oasis Poker to Roll the Dice and Red Queen.

As Play Amo embraces unique brands and offers more variety than most Canadian online casinos, Evoplay Entertainment has been a great fit for its players.

Nuke World is Latest Release

The most recent offering from Evoplay Entertainment is Nuke World. Evoplay Entertainment described it as the company’s most “explosive epic” to date.

The game is designed to be fully HD-ready and developed with mobile players in mind.

Evoplay Entertainment Product Owner Roman Sadovskyi called the game “unmissable” and said, “The first theme of its kind, our fantastic design team loved putting Nuke World together. Built using the latest tech with fantastic graphics to go alongside, it’s not one to be missed.”

Cartoon animals holding weapons for Nuke World promo

About Nuke World

This fascinating game is a 7-reel slot, 7-row with match-3 combinations. There are no paylines, rather winning combinations pay.

The RTP is 96% with a 29% hit frequency. Free games are estimated at 1 in 27, and the bonus game is 1 in 46, per the game’s stats.

Captain Fox is the hero of the game, with numerous weapons at his disposal. His enemies are Rhino Rooster, Chameleon, and Pangolin (Armadillo). They battle against a backdrop of a war-torn countryside, something that was once a town but is now at the mercy of the game’s characters.

The minimum bet in the game is $0.10, and max bet is 500 coins.

At the minimum bet, the payouts for the symbols are as follows for hitting 7 on a payline:

  • Orange/yellow bomb = x10
  • Red bomb = x6
  • Green bomb = x5
  • Blue bomb = x2.5
  • Yellow hexagon = x2
  • Red triangle = x1.5
  • Green square = x1.2
  • Blue diamond = x1

The symbol with the W on top and fiery eyes is the wild and may substitute for all symbols.

How to Play Nuke World

When a player clicks the spin button, the symbols drop into place.

A winning combination launches additional symbol drops, and the wins add up to increase Captain Fox’s power. The power bar is located at the top right of the screen and requires 15 symbols to combine to provide ultimate power. When that happens, Captain Fox defeats his enemy.

Fox holding sword with Nuke world written below

The initial enemy is always Pangolin, and defeating him turns all bomb symbols of the same type to the center of the reels to create another winning combination. That brings on Chameleon, whose death is typically quick and results in all low-paying symbols converted into bombs. Rooster then appears, and his death turns several bomb symbols into wilds for big explosions.

The toughest part of the game is getting through Rooster to Rhino. But when Rhino loses, a giant 4×4 bomb falls onto the reels and creates numerous wilds and winning combinations.

Captain Fox possesses several powers. Any one of the four can appear randomly at any time:

  • Vortex = A bomb into center of reels to attract other similar symbols.
  • Eviscerate = Captain Fox cuts three diagonal lines of symbols and replacing some with wilds.
  • Flare = Captain Fox shoots a laser to destroy low symbols and turn bombs into wilds.
  • Ricochet = Bullet rebounds against bomb symbols to turn then wild.

The game has numerous features, all of which are unique and exciting to watch. Captain Fox has quite a few tools up his armored sleeve.

Where to Play Nuke World

Evoplay Entertainment games, including Nuke World, are featured at Play Amo Casino. On the list of game developers, find Evoplay Entertainment and click to see all of the available slot games.

Nuke World is also featured in the new game section.

One of the best things about Play Amo is it allows players to click on the demo version of any game to play for free. It is the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the game before playing for real money. There is no requirement to even have money in their online casino account to play the games for free.

Play Nuke World for free to see how all of the features and winning combinations work together to create momentum and make players want to keep spinning.

And when ready, it is very simple to make a first deposit at Play Amo.



Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

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