Keeping New Year’s Resolutions While Playing Games Online

It’s almost that time of year. It’s the time of one year to make resolutions that will make the next year better. Resolutions provide the chance to make promises to oneself to improve one’s life and make positive changes.

However, it can be tough to keep those resolutions. Most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within just a few weeks of the new year.

According to Forbes, less than 25% of people remain committed to their resolutions after January of the new year, with only 8% ultimately accomplishing their resolutions.

How to Keep Resolutions?

One of the most important keys to making and keeping resolutions – to declaring success in 2020 – is to plan ahead and outline the plan. It is vital to figure out ways to keep those resolutions in various situations, at various times when it might not seem obvious.

For people who play online casino games, there are ways to keep some of the most consequential resolutions at the same time. Enjoying one’s hobby of playing casino games online and improving one’s life are, in fact, compatible.

Here are some suggestions for the most commonly-made New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Get Healthy or Lose Weight

This is absolutely possible while playing online games, esports, or online poker.

Playing at an online casino can keep a person from thinking about hunger or snacking unnecessarily. On the other hand, it provides an opportunity to dedicate oneself to healthy snacking with carrot or celery sticks or other raw vegetables.

  1. Exercise

Online gaming can be a sedentary activity, but it can also be an ideal time to exercise.

For those playing games online at a desktop computer or laptop, there are numerous ways to stay mobile and exercise.

  • Stand and do lunges or squats.
  • Do burpees between every online slot spin.
  • Use arm weights between spins.
  • Do leg kicks or arm punches.
  • Do a round of sit-ups between spins.

It can also be made into a challenge of sorts. For every losing spin, the player must do a certain number of sit-ups or another type of exercise. Or in the reverse, for every five minutes of exercise a person does, they allow themselves to play five minutes at an online casino.

The best way to exercise while gaming is to use a mobile device to play. This is perfect for playing while taking a walk or even going to the gym. It is also ideal for a player to get involved in a game and lose track of time on a treadmill or other piece of equipment. People often exercise longer when they don’t watch the clock.

  1. Reduce Spending

There are two ways to do this when playing online.

First, a player can simply set a limit as to how much money they will deposit per week or per month. This can be coordinated with a new yearly budget or with a need to save money. And any winnings can be withdrawn once a month to put into that savings.

Second, there are limits that players can set on their casino play. Canadian online casino operators allow players to set various limits on their own accounts for certain periods of time. If the goal is to spend no more than a certain amount on gaming per month, this can be arranged by contacting a customer service representative.

In some cases, players may want to stay away from online casinos for a few months to avoid any gambling spending. This can also be done at these casinos by self-excluding from the site, either for a month, several months, or even a year.

  1. Relax or Practice Self-Care

For most players, online poker and casino games are a form of entertainment. It often serves as an escape from daily stresses.

A frequent New Year’s resolution is to set aside more time to relax, to get away from emails and social media. Some call it practicing self-care.

Even if for only five minutes a day or one hour each weekend, playing online casino games can be a relaxing pastime, a space away from everyday responsibilities.

  1. Learn Something New

Some people want to learn new languages. Others want to learn how to knit or bet on sports. And gaming enthusiasts want to learn how to play more games. Poker players, especially, like to learn new poker variations and practice strategies involving pot odds and betting strategies.

Online casinos are the best places to learn games like blackjack or craps, or brush up on those poker skills. Most sites offer free-play games that require no money. It is the best way to learn new games. Or players can compete for very low amounts of money to learn the games or try out new strategies.

Online is the best way to learn something new and check that box on the resolutions list.


Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell has been writing about poker and gambling since 2004. As the online gaming sectors have changed and grown, particularly in the United States and Canada, she has followed it all and written about it for websites like World Poker Tour and PokerScout. In her free time, she runs a small business, reads, cooks, and enjoys music.


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