Game of the Week: Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

The name of the game is a mouthful: Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine. But it all makes sense when you get into the game.

A creative and fun slot, Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine takes players into a scientist’s factory. His many mechanical and electrical discoveries work together to produce slot wins in new and exciting ways.

Yggdrasil is technically the name behind the game, but it is a product of the YGS Masters program.

By invitation only, six game development studios were invited into the YGS Masters world to develop online casino games for release by one of the world’s top names. Yggdrasil released Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine as developed by Rabcat Gambling.

Yggdrasil is excited that this is the second game released as a result of the YGS Masters program. As described by Head of Studio Partnerships Stuart McCarthy, “With its thrilling gameplay and immersive setting, it is an excellent addition to our burgeoning YGS Masters portfolio.”

And if the name Nikolas Tesla sounds familiar, it should. Tesla was a real inventor and engineer who lived in the Austrian Empire and the United States throughout his life, which spanned from 1856 to 1943. His specialty was electricity, which is apparent in this game named after him.

About Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

The game itself is a 3×5 slot with 25 fixed paylines. It’s RTP (return-to-player) is 96.2%

Players are immediately taken into Nikola Tesla’s factory, where gears spin and smoke lingers from the latest experiments. There are wires and tubes everywhere but in an organized manner.

Every once in a while, Tesla appears on the screen to take notes and in the background doing things. When he can’t be seen, he can be heard, knocking on things and experimenting. His footsteps can also be heard on the wooden factory floor over the mysterious and soothing soundtrack.

In setting up the game, players can turn the sound off, set the space bar to spin, turn off additional animation, or turn on the quick spin option.

Autoplay is also an option, where it can stop when hitting free spins, on single wins of a certain amount, or if available cash increases or decreases by a certain amount.

The lowest bet stake is $0.01, which puts the minimum bet at $0.25. The highest stake is $3.00, making the maximum bet only $75.00.

All of the symbol payouts are as follows, based on five of each on a payline and playing at the lowest stake possible:

  • Wild (Nikolas Tesla with glowing glasses) = $10.00
  • Stopwatch = $10.00
  • Binoculars = $5.00
  • Blue tube = $1.00
  • A = $0.50
  • K = $0.25
  • Q = $0.12
  • J = $0.10

How to Play Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

Hit the spin button and go!

Nikola Tesla Incredible Machine

Players should first look for wilds, which substitute for every symbol except the scatters and level-ups.

The free spins scatter symbols are the key to the bonus round. Three symbols give the player eight free games, four garner 10 free games, and five scatters get 12 free spins.

During the free spins, wins come from paylines in both directions, from the left or the right. Players also receive a fixed wild in a central position – third reel, second row. In addition, the level-up scatter symbol can appear on the first or fifth reels. This increases the number of free spins up to a maximum of five additional ones and adds another fixed wild adjacent to the initial one.

The Energy Burst is a fun feature that happens when three similar symbols – except wilds and scatters – appear on the center reel. The Energy Burst automatically activates and awards three bonus spins.

Bonus spins can include one of three bonus features – Exploding Wilds, Wild Substitution, or Reel Clone.

Exploding Wilds starts by substituting two or three randomly-selected symbols on the screen for fixed wilds. The spins then keep those fixed wilds in place throughout the feature.

If an Energy Burst triggers with the Wild Substitution, it means certain symbols are wilds, such as the ace, blue tubes, or goggles.

The last type of Energy Burst can include the Reel Clone, which chooses three randomly selected reels to link so they always have the same symbol arrangement for the bonus spins. Those reels might be one-two-four, one-three-four, or two-three-four.

Every win, no matter in base play or bonus rounds, lights up with electrical currents to highlight it.

Where to Play Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

The online casinos with the best relationships with Yggdrasil received the game first. One of those sites is PlayAmo.

Canadian casino players can find Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine on those three sites. And by clicking the links we share, players can sign up for lucrative welcome bonuses with which to play that new game.

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

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