Lotto Max Adds Additional Weekly Draw

Loto-Quebec has been making quite a few changes in its lottery drawings of late. The last change was the elimination of lottery number balls and the ball machines for Lotto Max and MaxMillions. The change happened this week when computerized random number generators were put in charge of drawing the lottery numbers instead of the long-used ball machines.

That change may not have been the most popular with all lotto players. Especially those of older generations who had watched the ball machines choose the numbers for so many years.

The latest change, however, is likely to be much more popular across the board. That’s because there will be two Lotto Max drawings each week now, instead of just one.

Two is Better Than One

Per Loto-Quebec and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Lotto Max is now offering two jackpot drawings per week. In addition to the normal Friday lottery draws, there will also be one now on Tuesdays.

The first bi-weekly draw took place on Tuesday, May 14, followed by the regular Friday drawing on May 17.

According to Loto-Quebec, the jackpot is likely to increase faster for Lotto Max players, and has the potential to hit $70 million. That would make it the the largest jackpot ever offered in Canada.

Lotto Max Jackpot Increasing

On Friday, May 10, Lotto Max drew 16-17-31-34-36-39-41 with a bonus number of 10. There were three players who matched six of the seven main numbers, along with the bonus, and each won $103,724.40. But no one won the $12 million prize for a complete match.

This was the last time the ball machine was used for Lotto Max.

That led to the May 14 drawing this week of 9-24-27-33-40-44-48 with a bonus number of 41. That time, two players held six of seven numbers plus the bonus, which was worth $57,333.10 each. The first prize of $17 million, however, did not hit.

This video is a reenactment, since the ball machine is not used. This subsequently represents the numbers as they were actually chosen by a computer:

The money carries over to the Friday drawing this week, and the top prize is set to be approximately $22 million.


The main thing about the new twice-weekly Lotto Max that remains the same is the $5 tickets. There is no change in the price.

One perk of the change is that the jackpot cap will increase from $60 to $70 million. And the minimum jackpot always starts at $10 million.

On the other side of the coin, there are now 50 numbers from which to choose instead of 49.

The two new prize categories added are matching five numbers out of seven plus the bonus, and matching four numbers and the bonus.

The approximated odds are now:

  • 7/7 match: 1 in 33,294,800 (down from 1 in 28,633,528)
  • 6/7 match + bonus: 1 in 4,756,400 (down from 1 in 4,090,504)
  • 6/7 match: 1 in 113,248 (down from 1 in 99.768)
  • 5/7 match + bonus: 1 in 37,749 (not previously available)
  • 5/7 match: 1 in 841 (down from 1 in 5,584)
  • 4/7 match + bonus: 1 in 1,105 (not previously available)
  • 4/7 match: 1 in 82.9 (down from 1 in 71.3)
  • 3/7 match + bonus: 1 in 82.9 (down from 1 in 76.7)
  • 3/7 match: 1 in 8.5 (down from 1 in 8.1)

Overall, the odds are steeper for all categories, and there are two new ones that were not present in the single-weekly draw.

Lotto Max was already the largest lottery game available in Canada. In 2016, Lotto Max led its most significant competitor in Quebec by more than $1 billion in sales. It will now be even larger.

How to Play Lotto Max

For those interested in getting in on the gambling action, playing Lotto Max is simple.

Simply choose one set of numbers, and the next two sets will be chosen by the computer. This provides three sets of 7 numbers each on one $5 ticket. The alternative is to opt for Insta Pik, which allows the computer to choose all three sets of numbers randomly.

Tickets can be purchased in participating stores, online, or via the Atlantic Lottery mobile app.

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell has been writing about poker and gambling since 2004. As the online gaming sectors have changed and grown, particularly in the United States and Canada, she has followed it all and written about it for websites like World Poker Tour and PokerScout. In her free time, she runs a small business, reads, cooks, and enjoys music.


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