What Makes Live Dealer Games So Fun?

It feels like online casinos are having a moment. About five or 10 years ago, they would mostly be known for their slots and table options, but then someone came up with a genius idea: live dealer games. These types of games allow you to get a taste of the real casino action without leaving the comfort of your own home.

If you’re new to this trendy section, first off: go check it out. And if you aren’t new, we’re recapping five good reasons why we love playing the live dealer games when having some online fun.

Live dealer

1. Taste of the Real Casino

The main reason everyone is into the live dealer games is because it gives you a taste of the real casino. Let’s face it: as good as the online slots and table games have gotten, they are still not the real thing. There are huge benefits to playing online: you can play at any time, you don’t have to drive for hours to get to a casino, you don’t have to wait for anyone to get off of your favorite slot. But it’s still different. You don’t hear the buzzing sounds of the slots, there aren’t any swanky restaurants around and there’s no waitress bringing you drinks. While they’re working on the rest of it, one thing that can give you a taste of being in the casino is playing with a dealer who is dealing to you out of one. These live dealers are almost always in an actual casino. They’re formally dressed up and they’re professionals. This gives you that little bit of a feeling of being there even though you’re in the comfy confines of your own home (or wherever else)

2. Play with a Real Human

One of the cool aspects of Live Dealer games is that you’re playing with a real human being. Many of us have gotten used to just playing online with software and that’s pretty standard these days. You can dive into slots or blackjack and not really think twice about playing with or against a computer. However, there is something to be said about playing with a real human. Dealers can interact with you as you play, cheer you on as you go on runs or sympathize with you after a bad beat. At the end of the game, you might even feel inclined to tip the dealer, which they’ll appreciate. That makes a lot more sense than simply tipping some random software dealer (aka the computer).

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3. You Can Still Play Anytime

Usually, when someone is new to live dealer games, they’ll think that the games aren’t going at all times. After all, you can fire up a blackjack game with the computer/software at any hour – even into the wee hours of the morning. Surely, you can’t find a human to be sitting around all hours of the day? That’s where you’d be wrong. Casinos have worked hard to make sure that they’re offering live dealer games just as much as they’re offering the regular versions too. Of course, it is tough to get the same dealer to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. He or she might want a break and might want vacation from time to time. So, what casinos will do with live dealer games is layer different dealers. Think of it like shift work: one dealer might handle 9-5, another might handle the evening shift and another might handle the night shift. And nowadays, there is much more than just three dealers as casinos will give you plenty of options at all times of the day.

Whenever you want to play with a live human, they’ll be there waiting for you. Just as it would be in a land-based casino. That’s part of what makes this so fun.

4. A Huge Variety of Games

Another general misconception about live dealer games (by those who haven’t played them much) is the fact that there are only a couple of games on offer. The thinking is that it’s mostly blackjack. While it’s true that that’s how things started off, nowadays, most online casinos will offer a whole host of options. That includes everything from roulette to baccarat to Casino Hold’em. Even more is the fact that you’ll find all different types of blackjack available to you. You can play the regular version, European version, Baltic, Russian and even have multiple tables with just the regular game.

CasinoFriday Live Games

Things are just getting warmed up as casinos continue to add to their collections. Before you know, you’ll be able to play every type of table game with a live dealer!

5. You Can See Them, But They Can’t See You

One of the coolest aspects of playing the live dealer games is the etiquette of it – for lack of a better term. You get to play from the comfort of your home wearing whatever you’re comfortable with and the dealer can’t see you. At the same time, they’re still dressed up in their regular uniform, being upstanding professionals, and you can see them. There’s a little bit of comfort there to be felt as you can just act natural and be yourself. But they are still going to be formal and professional. It’s a real safe space for you as nobody is judging what you’re doing, what you’re wearing or any of your mannerisms (and superstitions).

Think of it like you’re on a Zoom call but your camera is off. It’s comfortable for you but you get to still see the dealer’s facial expressions. If they’re laughing and get a piece of the emotions without having to invest any (on camera) yourself.

The Future of Live Dealer Gaming

Live dealer games have become so popular that online casinos are now investing tons of money to take this form of gaming to a new level. Not only does that mean putting more games on the menu (other table games, craps and others), they’re also working to create fully virtual casinos. Think of using an Oculus Rift or a virtual headset where you can look around and see a real casino in front of you. You’re still in the comfort of your own home. But you get to move around the virtual space, choose which game you want to play and interact with other virtual players.

VR Gaming

While this is still off in the distant future, the fact that live dealer and virtual gaming is so popular, it’s only a matter of time before this happens. The future is bright for live dealer games. So, make sure you go try them out and see what all of the rage is about!

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