How to Leave the Casino Happy

A trip to your local casino should always be an enjoyable night out. From the first time you step inside the place to your last, the sound of a spinning roulette wheel, the riffling of poker chips and the whooping cheers that greet a big win should be your takeaways from an evening of fun and frivolity. By their very nature, a casino should be a happy, carefree place to be.

What do you do if your local casino provokes the opposite reaction when you go? It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless that casinos can also be frequented by those with gambling issues, drinking problems or those with less than welcoming homes to go to.

In an age where mental health has never been more important, it’s vital that when you go to casinos, you’re happy to be there. And enjoying spending time within the walls of a building designed for adults to gamble in. To understand how better to do that we’ve looked at some of the pitfalls and benefits that time inside a casino can provide.

Players having fun at the casino and leaving the casino happy

Riding the Rollercoaster

Casinos are exciting places to be. Winning or losing money sets off responses in our brains that skirt the peaks and troughs of our mood. Win a big amount at the casino, and the pleasure receptors in our brain will fizz with activity. Lose most of your stake, however, and the sinking feeling of losing substantial money can be devastating.

Because of the ups and downs of making a profit or suffering losses, this can make it hard to maintain a focus at the casino. You might think that being focused is the very opposite of how you might feel inside a casino, but it’s more about remembering why you’re there and what your parameters are.

Here are some examples:

❌ Problem

You’re going out to a casino to celebrate a friend’s birthday. You’ve got a decent personal budget of $100, but you’re worried about another friend of yours drinking too much.

✔️ Solution

Your priority should be to enjoy a good time with your friends. Make sure you don’t drink to keep up with anyone else, and be generous given you might have more than some of your friends.

❌ Problem 

You’re running low on funds, having only £30 to your name just a few days before payday. You’re worried about a friend who has a gambling issue, but he’s asked to come along for your weekly night at the casino.

✔️ Solution

Pace yourself and keep you stakes as low as they go. It’s the fun of gambling you should enjoy not the pressure of making a profit. Try to involve your friend and show him that he can enjoy himself without feeling the buzz of a big win… or loss.

Remembering to prioritise your enjoyment of the night is crucial but extending it to others makes you a cooler person to be around and it always feels better to do better.

Money Matters

Money can, of course, often be spent in another form in casinos as your hard-earned cash (or bank card balance) is turned into casino chips. Aside from the fact that casino chips are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria, the feel of the chips themselves and the colourful designs of them can make your losses feel abstract from the reality of losing money.

While you’re playing games, gambling is not gaming. And while many multiplier combos on casino games can make you feel like you’re winning, the actual amounts you win can often fail to come up the level of your overall stake.

Drinking Within Limits

Alcohol is often at the centre of any negative experience at the casino, but it can also often be present during the most enjoyable nights out of your life. It’s all about balance.

Being aware of the fact that when playing on alcohol, you can make worse decisions at casino table games certainly helps. It can be a good idea to play games while you’re relatively sober. Then when you’ve loosened up later in the evening, enjoy socialising a little more.

Small Pleasures, Big Gains

Playing at a casino for big stakes can often be self-damaging. Especially early in the night, when you think that you can do even better. That can give you the whole evening to lose that profit. Sometimes even if you’ve broken even, it can feel like a negative experience.

Player counting money after win at casino

Instead of going for one massive victory landing you a huge prize, focus on smaller wins. They give you the same pleasurable feeling of winning at a casino game. But they also help in restricting the potential for the opposite feeling if you then suffer a loss. It’s about keeping a happiness ‘baseline’. Effectively, a level where you’re happy and enjoying your night.

Quick Tips for Staying Happy at the Casino

Staying happy at the casino is a really healthy way of setting your target for the night. It shouldn’t be related to making money, but having a good time. So, set these boundaries and see how it affects your night:

  • Limit your time playing casino games
  • Have a stop/loss amount on your overall spending each visit
  • Quit while you’re ahead, especially later in the evening
  • Don’t spend more than you can happily afford to lose
  • Don’t let gambling impinge on your social life with friends

Overall, make sure that next time you visit the casino, you go in with a good idea of your limits. A healthy attitude to winning and losing, and a positive attitude to those around you also help. You’ll then make sure that everyone around you has as much fun as you. Enjoy the thrills of a night out inside the neon-lit gamblers paradise, and leave the casino happy.

Paul Seaton

Paul Seaton


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