GGPoker Leaderboard and Silk Road to WSOP 2020 Online

Just last week, GGPoker announced the 54 tournaments set to take place on its network of online poker sites as part of the WSOP 2020 Online.

The World Series of Poker had little choice regarding this summer’s series. The coronavirus pandemic was stubborn and took longer than anticipated to control. And if we’re being honest, the United States – home of the WSOP in Las Vegas – is having more difficulty controlling its Covid-19 cases than most other countries.

With no end in sight, the World Series of Poker discussed options with its online poker partners and came up with the WSOP 2020 Online, a series of 85 tournaments to award 85 gold bracelets. Action will start on July 1 with 31 events set for, a site only available to players in Nevada and New Jersey in the US. The other 54 tournaments start on July 19 and run through September 6 on GGPoker.

WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard

Usually, the WSOP awards points for tournament finishes at the summer World Series of Poker (and later the WSOP Europe) and dubs the top finisher the Player of the Year. Obviously, that will not be possible this year.

GGPoker decided to run its own WSOP 2020 Online leaderboard challenge, one with three different types of pure gold prizes.

Points will be awarded based on this formula:

  • Point = F times SQRT (SQRT = prize pool divided by K or finishing place)
  • Winner (F = 2)
  • All other final table finishes (F = 1.5)
  • All other in-the-money finishes (F = 1)
  • Money bubble (F = 0.5)

When the series ends, the overall leaderboard winner will receive a solid gold computer mouse trophy, players finishing in second through fifth places on the overall leaderboard will each receive a solid gold card trophy, and the winner of the Asian time zone events only leaderboard will receive a pure gold dragon trophy.

WSOP 2020 Online leaderboard

Online Streaming Coverage

The media coverage of the WSOP 2020 Online will be more accessible than in previous years, especially for Canadians.

The streaming schedule has yet to be finalized, but there is a list of events that will be covered on the GGPoker Twitch channel online. Poker Central’s PokerGO online streaming service will also likely offer the same – if not expanded – coverage.

The commentators will be announced when GGPoker and Poker Central release the official streaming schedule, but the following events will be covered in some manner:

  • Thursday, July 23 / Event 4: $5K PLO Championship
  • Saturday, July 25 / Event 2: $1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief NLHE
  • Thursday, July 30 / Event 12: $10K NLHE Short Deck Championship
  • Saturday, August 1 / Event 10: $400 NLHE Colossus ($3M GTD)
  • Saturday, August 1 / Event 11: $400 PLOssus ($1M GTD)
  • Thursday, August 6 / Event 19: $2,100 NLHE Bounty Championship
  • Saturday, August 8 / Event 17: $1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker ($5K GTD, $1M to 1st)
  • Thursday, August 13 / Event 27: $5K NLHE 6-Handed Championship
  • Saturday, August 15 / Event 23: $10K NLHE Heads-Up Championship
  • Thursday, August 20 / Event 34: $600 NLHE Deepstack Championship
  • Thursday, August 27 / Event 41: $1,500 LHE Championship
  • Saturday, August 29 / Event 39: $25K NLHE Poker Players Championship ($10M GTD)
  • Saturday, September 5 / Event 46: $5K NLHE Main Event ($25M GTD)

Silk Road Micro-Stakes Promo

The WSOP Silk Road promotion is geared toward micro-stakes and small-stakes players. The buy-ins start at just $1.08 and max out at $21.60.

These will run from July 1 through August 31. The first week’s schedule is available on the GGPoker site, now, and the first events begin on July 1 at 9:00 GMT.

Note that there is a guaranteed dollar amount of tickets for each tournament. And they are not steps or satellites but direct qualifiers.

There is also a Silk Road Leaderboard for the two months of qualifiers. The ultimate winner will receive a ticket to the WSOP Main Event worth $5,000.

Slight Changes to GGPoker Schedule

GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu announced two changes to the schedule that the site released last week. The first is that the $10K NLHE Heads-Up Championship scheduled for Sunday, August 9, is now set for Saturday, August 8.

The second change is the addition of a tournament on Sunday, August 9. Alongside the $150 NLHE GGMasters WSOP Edition, a freezeout with a $1 million guarantee, GGPoker added a $1,500 NLHE GGMasters WSOP Edition High Roller, another freezeout but this one with a $2.5 million guarantee.

Negreanu also noted that the details about the $5K NLHE Main Event are forthcoming. The date on the schedule is the second day of play, and players have been speculating about the starting days. There will be a generous number of flights to be announced soon, but players will be limited to three entries each.

The World Series of Poker remains hopeful that it can hold a live $10K NLHE Main Event as a freezeout and as tradition dictates. However, the fate of the 2020 edition of that tournament remains unpredictable due to Covid-19 and subsequent health concerns.

The revised schedule is available on the GGPoker website, but we will also list it here.

  • July 19: $100 NLHE Opener (final day, 1 reentry/flight, $2M GTD)
  • July 19: $1,111 NLHE Covid Relief by Caesars Cares
  • July 19: $525 NLHE Super Turbo Bounty 6-Handed
  • July 21: $5K PLO Championship
  • July 22: $1,500 NLHE Fifty Stack
  • July 23: $1,050 PLO Bounty
  • July 25: $600 NLHE Monster Stack 6-Handed (Asia time zone)
  • July 26: $1,500 NLHE (Asia time zone)
  • July 26: $2,500 PLO
  • July 26: $400 NLHE Colossus (2nd of 3 days, 1 reentry/flight, $3M GTD)
  • July 26: $400 PLOSSUS (2nd day of 3 days, 1 reentry/flight, $1M GTD)
  • July 28: $10K NLHE Short Deck Championship
  • July 29: $2,500 NLHE 6-Handed
  • July 30: $840 NLHE Bounty
  • August 1: $500 NLHE Deepstack (Asia time zone)
  • August 2: $1K NLHE Short Deck (Asia time zone)
  • August 2: $1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker (2nd of 3 days, 1 reentry/flight, $5M GTD)
  • August 2: $500 NLHE Turbo Deepstack
  • August 4: $2,100 NLHE Bounty Championship
  • August 5: $400 PLO
  • August 6: $1K NLHE
  • August 8: $800 PLO Double Stack (Asia time zone)
  • August 8: $10K NLHE Heads-Up Championship (freezeout, no late reg, 128-player cap)
  • August 9: HK$8K NLHE Asia Championship (final day, 1 reentry/flight, HK$8M GTD)
  • August 9: $150 NLHE GGMasters WSOP Edition (freezeout, $1M GTD)
  • August 9: $1,500 NLHE GGMasters WSOP Edition High Roller (freezeout, $2.5M GTD)
  • August 11: $5K NLHE 6-Handed Championship
  • August 12: $2,500 NLHE Double Stack
  • August 13: $525 NLHE Bounty 6-Handed
  • August 15: $300 NLHE Monster Stack 6-Handed (Asia time zone)
  • August 16: $1,500 PLO
  • August 16: $500 NLHE Mini Main Event (final day, 1 reentry/flight, $5M GTD)
  • August 16: $840 NLHE Super Turbo Bounty
  • August 18: $600 NLHE Deepstack Championship
  • August 19: $800 PLO
  • August 20: $500 LHE
  • August 22: $500 NLHE Deepstack (Asia time zone)
  • August 23: $1,500 NLHE Marathon (Asia time zone)
  • August 23: $25K NLHE Poker Players Championship ($10M GTD)
  • August 23: $50 NLHE Big 50 (final day, 1 reentry/flight, $1M GTD)
  • August 25: $1,500 LHE Championship
  • August 26: $1K NLHE 6-Handed
  • August 27: $1,500 PLO
  • August 29: $300 NLHE Double Stack (Asia time zone)
  • August 30: $400 NLHE Forty Stack
  • August 30: $5K NLHE Main Event (2nd of 3 days, freezeout flights, $25M GTD)
  • August 30: $1K NLHE Turbo 6-Handed
  • September 1: People’s Choice – Most popular
  • September 2: People’s Choice – Pros vote
  • September 3: People’s Choice – Spin the wheel
  • September 5: People’s Choice – Most popular
  • September 5: $1,050 NLHE Beat the Pros Bounty
  • September 6: $10K NLHE WSOP Super Millions ($5M GTD)
  • September 6: $100 NLHE WSOP Millions (final day, 1 reentry/flight, $2M GTD)
  • September 6: $500 NLHE Closer


Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell has been writing about poker and gambling since 2004. From her days in the WPT offices to covering summers of WSOP tournament action, she also followed gambling legislation to Washington D.C. and women-only poker to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, she lived in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for many years before moving back to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Now, Jen travels less, writing about poker and online gambling from her home with her two dogs watching her every move. In her spare time, she follows politics, works on her never-finished novels, and learns Italian in the hopes of retiring to Italy someday.

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