Most Interesting Facts about Las Vegas Visitors

One of the most popular tourist destinations in North America is Las Vegas in Nevada. In fact, it is the most popular gambling destination in the entire world. And other than Americans, the top country from which most Vegas visitors hail is Canada.

Canadians in Vegas

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority tracks visitors – and quite a few details about them – to maintain records about Vegas visitors. The annual data is only current through the end of 2018. The only 2019 statistics released thus far are for the month of December 2019, not the full year as compared to past years.

Therefore, the number of Canadians visiting Las Vegas each year will be updated in the coming months to include 2019. Meanwhile, the data through 2018 shows that Canadians still comprise 27.4% of all Vegas visitors, second only to Americans. Mexico is third on the list with 19.7%.

These are the number of Canadian visitors over past 10 years through 2018:

  • 2009 = 1,461,400
  • 2010 = 1,512,980
  • 2011 = 1,653,300
  • 2012 = 1,771,290
  • 2013 = 1,855,240
  • 2014 = 1,736,580
  • 2015 = 1,543,430
  • 2016 = 1,440,846
  • 2017 = 1,480,280
  • 2018 = 1,597,280

Interesting Vegas Visitor Facts

The countries of origins are notable, since people come from every corner of the world to visit Las Vegas. The demographics of Vegas visitors are some of the most interesting facts, as are reasons people visit Vegas and on what they spend the most money.

  1. Best Year of Past Decade for Visitors

The most visitors in the past decade traveled to Las Vegas from outside of the United States in 2017 when there were 3,102,580 of them. The next highest number happened in 2015.

The largest year-to-year increase of visitors happened from 2009 to 2010 when non-US visitors jumped 30.9%. That number then increased another 15% from 2010 to 2011.

  1. Gender and Age

The 2018 numbers showed that males and females visited Sin City at much the same rate. What used to be a town designated for male gamblers and men looking to live it up outside of marriage has become just as much of a destination for women.

  • 2018 = 50% male, 50% female

The average age of visitors has mostly stayed the same through the years, varying only slightly. The fewest number of visitors are in the 60-64 category, with the most in the 30-39 category.

  • 2014 = 45.2 years old
  • 2015 = 47.7 years old
  • 2016 = 44 years old
  • 2017 = 44.3 years old
  • 2018 = 45.1 years old
  1. Status, Employment, and Education

One of the most startling statistics is marital status, as Vegas was once thought to be a town for singles. (Small percentages not shown include separated, divorced, and widowed statuses.)

  • 2018 = 79% married, 16% single

As for employment status, it is a good sign that most visitors are employed.

  • 2018 = 68% employed, 22% retired, 5% homemakers, 4% students, 2% unemployed

And most people who go to Vegas seem to have at least some college education.

  • 2018 = 47% graduates, 24% some college, 18% high school or less, 10% trade
  1. Race / Ethnicity

Las Vegas is very white! The vast majority of visitors to Las Vegas are white.

  • 2018 = 77% white, 2% Asian, 7% black, 10% Latino, 3% other
  1. Household Income

Very few people head to Vegas when making less than $20K per year. In fact, most Vegas visitors don’t even fall into the $40K or less category. And strangely, an average of 10% of respondents chose “not sure/no answer.”

  • 2018 = 15% $100K+, 17% $80K-$99,999, 27% $60K-$79,999, 26% $40K-$59,999, 7% $40K or less
  1. Visitor Frequency

There are quite a few people who visit Las Vegas each year for the very first time, but most people don’t visit more than once per year. These are the percentages of first-timers:

  • 2014 = 19%
  • 2015 = 16%
  • 2016 = 27%
  • 2017 = 21%
  • 2018 = 18%

The average number of visits per person per year varied from 1.8 times in 2015 to 1.5 times in 2018.

  1. Why Do They Go to Vegas?

The purpose of the trips for Vegas visitors varies, but the vast majority of them go for vacation or pleasure. Only a relatively small percentage go to visit friends and relatives, and very few go specifically to gamble.

  • 2018 = 45% for vacation/pleasure, 17% to see friends/relatives, 7% to gamble
  1. They Do Gamble!

Whether their purpose in going to Vegas is to gamble or not, the majority of visitors do gamble.

  • 2018 = 74% gambled while visiting

For those in that category, they spent an average of 2.2 hours per day gambling and spent an average of $527.05 per day.

  1. What Else Do They Do in Vegas?

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas these days. Here is what most people did in 2018:

  • 58% attended a show
  • 58% attended a lounge act
  • 20% attended a big-name headliner performance
  • 16% attended a comedy show
  • 20% went to other paid attractions
  1. Other Information Tidbits

What else do you want to know? Here are some random facts about Vegas visitors in 2018

  • Average number of adults in immediate party = 2.2
  • Percentage of visitors with people under 21 in immediate party = 6%
  • Percentage of visitors who stay at least one night = 99.6%
  • Average days of visit = 4.4
  • Average lodging expenditures per night = $113.66
  • Average money spent on food and drink for trip = $314.96
  • Average money spent on transportation = $73.82
  • Average money spent on shopping = $154.60
  • Average money spent on entertainment = $49.84
  • Average money spent on sightseeing = $29.81


Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell

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