Pairing Canadian Craft Beer With Casino Games

Choosing the right drink in the casino can sometimes feel like a chore. Sometimes a cocktail feels a bit too bougie, while a glass of wine feels a tad on the snobby side. After all, you’re just playing some hands, looking to have a little bit of fun and entertainment. You’re likely just looking for a more casual experience. Often times, that will steer you towards an ice, cold craft beer.

For those that are going down that road, we wanted to share our favorite pairings with some of our favorite games. However, instead of opting for Canada’s biggest beer brands, we’re looking strictly at craft beers. Here are our six favorites paired with our six favorite games in the casino.


Pairing: Woodhouse Lager

Brewery: Woodhouse Brewing Company

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Woodhouse Craft Beer

Blackjack is an iconic game in the casino. While it’s often portrayed as a classy outlet in movies and TV shows, it’s a little more dressed down in real life. While James Bond might be rolling up to the table in a tuxedo, you’re perfectly fine playing however you’re dressed.

The game has a lot of character, which is why it makes sense to pair it with a beer that similarly has a bit of personality to it. The Woodhouse Lager goes down like a lager – it’s very easy-drinking – but it has a lot more flavor than you might think. This craft beer is made in small batches and is more of an amber, which means you’ll get notes of caramel in there.


Pairing: Bodacious Blueberry Blonde Ale

Brewery: Broadhead Brew Co.

Location: Orleans, Ontario

Blueberry Blonde Ale

Baccarat is a casino staple where you go head-to-head with the banker. In the game, while you’re playing with a dealer, you can actually bet on the player or the banker, so it’s really up to you. However, as you’re sitting there with the dealer, they’ll probably want to strike up a conversation about the blueberry beer you’re drinking.

This complex game pairs well with this complex beer, which has a berry backbone to it. Seem a bit weird? Just think of the blueberries being in there as a subtle sweet and sour addition to a blonde ale. They actually tried to make it blue instead of blonde, but realized it was going to take a lot more blueberries to make that happen. So, they kept it light.


Pairing: Kelp Stout

Brewery: Tofino Brewing Company

Location: Tofino, British Columbia

Kelp Stout

Tofino, which is on the west-most point of British Columbia, is known as one of Canada’s top surfing spots (yes, you can surf in Canada!). The tiny touristy town is known as a foodie hot spot with trendy restaurants, a craft chocolatier and an excellent brewing company. One of their top pours is the Kelp Stout, which pairs perfectly with slots.

When you’re spinning through slots, there’s not a ton of thinking and strenuous strategy involved. You just kind of unwind and let the fun come to you. That’s why this rich stout, which has notes of salted chocolate and dark coffee, is a perfect pairing. It’ll ease your muscles in a good way as you forget about the outside world and plug into the reels for a good little while.


Pairing: A-Bay Pale Ale

Brewery: Beaches Brewing Company

Location: Toronto, Ontario

A-Bay Craft beer

When you’re playing roulette, you’ll want a beer with a little bit of pep in its step. It’s because the game builds to such a climax with each spin – when you find out if the ball bounced your way or not – and you’ll want a beer that has a pop to it too. The Beaches Brewing Company’s A-Bay Pale Ale is a light and refreshing beer. It slips in some subtle notes of banana, pineapple and pear along with the hop notes. Many IPA’s are all orange-based, but this takes you on a spin-off of the traditional route. Hopefully this burst of flavor gives you a burst of good luck with the numbers on the ‘ol wheel of fortune.


Pairing: The Witty Belgian

Brewery: Torque Brewing

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Witty Belgian Craft Beer

If you’re into wheat beers, it doesn’t get much better than The Witty Belgian. This beer won the gold in the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards. It has a fairly unique taste to it as it is a traditional wheat beer. It’s made with lots of citrus. Lemons, limes, oranges, orange rind and a twist of coriander make this a really refreshing beer that actually pairs really well with oysters and other shellfish. It’s perfect around the poker table because when people notice the can with the big lion on it, and ask what you’re drinking, you can tell them you’re drinking one of the top-rated beers in Canada.


Pairing: Pilsner

Brewery: Ace Hill

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Ace Hill Pilsner

When you’re playing craps, it’s a bit of a party game. There’s usually loud cheering and plenty of excitement every time the dice are rolled. There’s typically a lot of chatter at the table too.

When playing a game like this, a solid pilsner is a great pairing as it’s just a clean, crisp and refreshing beer. Ace Hill is a craft brewery in Ontario, and this is a really smooth beer that fits this game really well. It’s not complicated in flavor; it’s just perfect to take sips here and there as all of the wild action transpires.

Dave Golokhov

Dave Golokhov

For nearly two decades, Dave Golokhov has been working with his passions in the mainstream media as well as the sports betting realm. Some of the highlights include hosting several radio shows on Sirius Satellite Radio, television appearances and interviewing hundreds of high-profile stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Floyd Mayweather. Dave is also the founder of WERSTARS, a website app to save the moments of your life.


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