How to be COVID-Safe at the Casino

  1. Wear a Face Mask

While it has been the subject of political discussion in the United States, government guidance in the United Kingdom and a touchy subject in some other parts of the Western world, in the Far East, wearing a face mask to protect oneself from any pollution has been acceptable for years.

Face Masks

Inside a casino, there is almost certainly an air-conditioning system that is recycling a lot of the air. Because of this, any hint of a virus could be in the air and it’s important you’re doing what you can to prevent yourself catching anything.

However, as has recently been made clear by world leaders to their citizens, wearing a face mask generally protects the other people in your vicinity from catching the virus from you, the wearer. If you have Coronavirus and don’t yet know it, wearing a face mask could save the life of someone you meet.

  1. Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands is vital advice for stopping the spread of Coronavirus. And at a casino, it’s never been more important. If you’re male and have frequented casinos for years, then you’ll probably be aware that many men don’t do this enough in restrooms. But don’t limit your hand washing to necessity.

With new players at poker tables, roulette wheels and slot machines, new germs can be spread. While casino staff do a great job cleaning any area as best they can, it’s on you to make sure that you’re doing enough too – for you and your fellow casino-goers.

  1. Be Untouchable

One particular way of transferring germs and taking them into your respiratory system is touching your nose and mouth. But by and large, there’s very little reason to be touching your face in a casino anyway.

Contactless payment

Wearing a face mask has the obvious benefit of stopping you doing so, but make sure that you’re not one of those types who scratch their heads, stroke their neck or itch their nose. Any way you can prevent transmitting a virus is important, so choose contactless payment wherever possible and get any cash you might use out before going into the casino to avoid a queue at the ATM machine.

  1. Play Nicely

Playing in a friendly manner at the poker table or roulette wheel might seem like a rule which should be applied at all times, but it’s not. With alcohol and bad beats come confrontations and if you’ve one-outed another player at the felt, they can get aggravated.

Be sure to avoid conflict or hostility in any form. You would be kicking yourself for catching COVID-19 from an argument that never needed to happen. With the current pandemic putting legal boundaries under increasing pressure to change, you might also be prosecuted for a minor infraction where before you were not because of the devastating impact that catching the virus can have.

  1. Arrange Transport

Before you travel to the casino, make sure you know how you’re getting home. Taxis are obviously less safe than they were before lockdown. But they’re likely to be preferable to a night bus or last train home.

Arranging Transportation

Making sure that you know how you’re getting around will also mean that you don’t have to walk. And that can help you avoid other people on major routes through busy city centres. 

  1. Keep Your Distance

Social distancing sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it’s saving lives. Staying a couple of metres apart from others in the casino is highly advisable. Especially where there aren’t plastic partitions between seats, for example.

Moving around the casino might once have been the most casual of activities. But it is now something you should be thinking about carefully. Know where you’re going to be. And if you’re with friends, know who you’re with and that it’s safe to do so.

  1. Don’t Hold onto Your Chips

One of the best pieces of advice is counter-intuitive to the usual. Where you might want to hold onto your chips in a game of poker or win 35 times your stake when your number comes up on the roulette wheel, keeping casino chips on your person any longer than needed might not be wise.

Women with hands around chips

Of all the items at a casino, they hold onto surface bacteria better than practically everything. And players will always enjoy toying with them before their bet, whatever game they’re playing. Make sure that you don’t do so any more so than is necessary. And when you’ve finished playing for the night, cash those chips in for actual money.

Looking after yourself at the casino is vital during the global Coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and you’ll enjoy a great night out without the worry of thinking about COVID-19. Play your part and you’ll feel like a winner on and off your casino table game of choice.

Paul Seaton

Paul Seaton


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