Bodog’s Million Dollar Weekend: Be The Next to Win Big

Are you missing in person or land-based poker rooms? We know we are. But, that doesn’t mean online poker sites aren’t trying to make the most out of our time spent at home. It seems like every day there is a new tournament with an epic grand prize, that is soon topped by the next. But there has been nothing like what we’re seeing at Bodog Poker right now. Bodog is consistently pumping out new and exciting tournaments for players, and during this time of lock down there are absolutely no exceptions. This weekend, Bodog players have the opportunity to win up to $1,000,000 when playing Jackpot Sit & Go as it coincides with their usual Million Dollar Weekend. Yeah, you read that right.

It took Ivan G., of Richmond,BC, all but 5 mins and 10 hands to win over $1.175M CAD from playing Bodog’s Jackpot Sit & Go. That equals out to somewhere around $235K PER MINUTE. Crazy right? And don’t worry, although his opponents didn’t win the million, they each took home $83,333 USD, which is not a shabby payday in our books. Especially in 5 minutes.

A couple minutes of time in exchange for $1M? Seems like a fair deal to us. Here’s how to get started:

What is Jackpot Sit & Go?

First things first, it’s important to know what Jackpot Sit & Go actually is. It’s a fast-paced and simple three-player poker tournament. Player buy-in is anywhere from $2-$60. Each player starts the game with 500 chips. The prize pool is randomly determined at the start of the game, which can be up to $60,000 in some cases. How do you win it all you ask? You hold all 1,500 chips at the end of the game, which usually never takes more than a couple of minutes. 

How Do I Start Playing?

In order to play, you must download Bodog’s poker software (available on their site) to your desktop or laptop computer.  Once you’re in, select ‘Jackpot Sit &Go’ in the list of tournament types. Select your buy-in amount under the number of tournaments you want to play in. Once the third player is registered at the table, the reels will begin to spin. This will determine the prize pool you and your opponents are playing for. It’s really that easy and soon enough you’re ready to start playing.

Million Dollar Weekend at Bodog

What Do I Need to Know?

There are a couple of things we think are important for players to know before they start playing Jackpot Sit & Go at Bodog:

  • These $1,000,000 tournaments are only for a couple more weekends so take advantage while you still can!
  • This game is (for lack of a better term) hyper speed. Be prepared for things to move more quickly than they do in any other type of poker tournament.
  • Unfortunately, Jackpot Sit & Go can only be played on desktop or laptop. Sorry mobile users!
  • If tournaments are cancelled, players still get 50% of the prize pool. This is of course equally divided between each player. (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Players will earn Bodog rewards for everything they do – including playing these tournaments and anything else played on the site.
  • Multi-taskers rejoice! Bodog gives players who believe in the “more is more” mantra, the option to participate in up to four tournaments at the same time.

Million Dollar Weekend

Until May 26th, Bodog is running a special where Jackpot Sit & Go, coincides with their Million Dollar Weekend Promotion. Players can play for a jackpot of up to $1,000,000. You have 3 more weeks to take advantage of this absolutely crazy opportunity.

Here’s some information on the Million Dollar Weekend payout straight from Bodog’s site:

Million Dollar Weekend Payout

Besides the possibility of winning a large chunk of change, there are a ton of prizes and rewards that come your way just from participating in these types of tournaments. Since you get Bodog rewards for everything you do, you are padding your account for the future. And if those reasons are not enough, it’s also super-fast and easy. It’s a great way to gain a lot of experience (and cash) quickly when you’ve got some downtime, or are looking to have some fun in the online poker world.

With all that’s going on in the world right now, give yourself the opportunity to sit back, relax and hopefully even win big. Maybe it’s your time to join Ivan G. in the Millionaire’s Club.

Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald has been with Maple Casino since the very beginning. 2004 to be exact. He is a proud Canadian who has spent the last 15+ years dedicating himself to creating a one-stop shop for online casino players in Canada. Not only does Scott enjoy finding the greatest casinos, he also loves playing at them too! He knows exactly what players are looking for and won’t stop until he finds it. Join Scott and the rest of Team Maple on the journey of finding the best casinos in Canada. You won’t regret it.

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