How the US Supreme Court’s Verdict has Impacted Canada

Many have heralded the US Supreme Court’s verdict on sports betting in America earlier this year as a good move for online gambling. Not only do online betting companies stand to gain unprecedented revenue figures, but the ruling was underpinned by legislation that would see states and the sports associations benefit as well. The lifting of the betting ban has however placed Canada in a sticky situation as their current legislation is under pressure to follow in the footsteps of the US.

US Supreme Court's Verdict

Canada’s Single-Game Sports Betting Legislation

Canada currently has a single-game sports betting ban in place that prohibits the betting on a single sport or game. While provincial governments reserve the right to offer sports lotteries to its constituents, it has to be a two-team parlay at the very least. While there is unwavering pressure to repeal the law, it may be wise to err on the side of caution. This is because in 2016 an action to legalise single-game sports gambling was put to a vote in the House of Commons and came out short. This has encouraged many Canadian gamblers to bet through international sportsbooks.

US Supreme Court’s Verdict Results in Push to Legalise Sports Betting in Canada

The Great White North boasts a big culture of sports fanaticism in the country. The most recent indication of this fact was the entire country’s collective support for the Toronto Raptors that saw them reach a franchise-record of 59 wins.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is a classic example of a sports code in Canada that already makes millions of dollars through sports betting. As CFL games are broadcasted nationwide and to the US, some online sports betting companies have been running CFL bets for years. This represents an untapped money-making pool for each province as well as the country as a whole. While we wait in anticipation to see what unfolds next, keep your dial locked to Maplecasino.ca for the latest Canadian gambling news.