Poker Chips: The Life Essence of Online Poker

Poker Chips: The Life Essence of Online Poker

When it comes to sitting down at the poker table, there are a few things that need to be in place. Your dealer is responsible for the cards, while pre-determined zones are set for you to make your plays. However, one factor you have full control over, is the placement of your poker chips.

Let’s explore the intricacies of this token, and how it contributes to your experience at the poker table.

Digital Tokens Have Replaced Physical Chips

The transition from table-top to desktop and mobile devices would require a replication of betting chips. Here are a few ways online poker casinos have adapted to the online gambling boom:

The simulation of poker chips

Bringing that magic of tangible chips to an electronic device is tricky. The feeling of physically picking up your chips and placing them on the table is a special feeling, which can’t be substituted. However, the emulation of these chips has been a roaring success.


Poker chip security features: fair play and protection

To secure the most enjoyable online experience, these digital tokens need to be balanced. This is done through complex algorithms, which contribute to the gameplay aspects as well as fair play, which applies to each and every player.poker_chips_cards

Casinos and providers offer the following to ensure fair usage of poker chips:

  • Secure Chip Storage
  • RNG at Poker Tables
  • Casino Site Encryption Technologies (SSL)

Poker Chips Power Your Gameplay

Without poker chips, you’re going to have a miserable time at the poker table. Fear not, for this section will cover all the nuance and specific roles these chips have in your online sessions.

Digital chips vs. physical chips: core differences

While these tokens may look the same, that’s about as far as the similarities go. Here are some key differences between digital and physical poker chips.

FeaturePhysical ChipsDigital Chips
MaterialMade from ceramic or composite materialsVirtual graphics
Sensory ExperienceTactile feel and sound to enhance the gaming experienceLack physical touch, but taps and clicks add a layer of auditory immersion
SecurityProne to theftEnhanced security features and algorithms to keep things safe
PortabilityRequires physical storageAccessible from any device with an internet connection
CustomisationLimited to design and manufacturingHighly customizable in appearance
Transaction SpeedPhysical handling can delay the gameInstantaneous
AccessibilityLimited to tablesGlobal Access, 24/7
Fairness and IntegrityDependent on dealer and player honestyGoverned by software algorithms and frequent audits
CostInitial cost for purchase, may get lost or damagedRequires buying-in for gameplay
CollectabilityCollectible value based on rarity and designPurely functional, no physical collectability

The value of poker chips

As you may have seen, there are various poker chips, each with a unique colour and value. Depending on the casino, these colours may change, but they will always have a set value

The image below can get you up to speed with tournament poker chip values, which can definitely come in handy when competing for the first time.

Poker Chip Values _Maple Casino

Keeping Your Bankroll in Check

To keep the game going, it is crucial to pay attention to the number of chips you have at your disposal. While it may seem tempting to go “all in”, it’s better to play the long game, than play a fast game ending in tragedy.

Here are a few tips to keep your chips in your possession:

1. Pick a table with the right coin values

Different games tend to have different values. This can be a factor when playing according to a budget, as some poker tables have much higher stakes than your average table.

2.  Consider the buy-in

Similar to picking the right table, it’s important to pick a table with a buy-in value that aligns with your budget.

3. Implement a betting strategy

Once you’ve picked a table, play it smart. Always bet according to the tempo of the game, and never get aggressive with your bets. Save the eagerness for an opportunity you can cash-in on after a few rounds.

4. The tournament golden-rule

Entering a tournament can be very exciting. However, most of these tournament matches prevent you from buying in again. Managing your chips is essential in standing a chance to be the last one at the able, so play strategically, and assess each hand before making a call.

Choose Your Ideal Online Poker Casino

Deciding on a casino to cash in on some online poker for real money can be a daunting task. It is quite understandable, considering the vast number of options you have at your disposal.

Looking for a casino that can deliver on your poker needs? Rest assured that these casinos can help you hop right into the game.

Our Ranking Reviewed CasinoNumber of Games





North Casino








Play HellSpin Now! Welcome Bonus: Up To $5200 + 150 Free Spins
  • Recommended Title: Turbo
  • +25 Poker Games

Enjoy dedicated tournaments and video poker for a great gaming experience.

Play North Casino Now! Welcome Bonus: $5,000
  • Recommended game: Casino Stud
  • Dedicated Poker app

More than 10 Poker titles are available to experience including Three Card and Sit & Go.

Play Betplays Now! Welcome Bonus 370% Bonus + 750 Free Spins
  • Recommended Title: Texas Hold’Em
  • Video Poker available

This casino offers a multitude of poker games such as American Gold, Three Card, Joker, Triple Edge and more.

Play TonyBet Now! Welcome Bonus: 100% Match Bonus Up to $2,500 + 150 Free Spins
  • Recommended game: Caribbean
  • Dedicated poker app

Multiple options of games to enhance your online experience: Caribbean, Poker Room, Triple Edge, Russian Poker.

Grab Your Chips and Take Your Seat

Now that you’ve learned the significance of poker chips, you’re well on your way to placing bets and making calls at the poker table. Pick one of the casinos above, make your deposit, and play poker online at some of the best Canadian sites.

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