Playtech Partners with Iovation to Prevent Fraud

Playtech creates and implements many of the online casino games offered on your favorite gaming sites. Moreover, it’s been leading the world in technology and gaming content for years. As a developer of gaming solutions, it seems only right that Playtech is also concerned with customer safety and online fraud prevention.

Yes, that is also the responsibility of the internet gaming sites that offer the content. However, Playtech wants to take their own efforts a step further to help prevent fraud.

The latest move by Playtech does just that, in partnership with Iovation, a company that has spent more than a decade developing online protection services for internet companies.

Playtech + Iovation

On December 7, Playtech announced its strategic partnership with Iovation. The deal will see it use FraudForce technology with all Playtech operators through its open platform integrated with third-party software. Examples include online casinos that run Playtech games.

FraudForce is powered by a Global Device Intelligence Platform. It allows operators to make decisions in real-time regarding any device that may be at risk of fraudulent activity. These can be identified through hidden links between the devices and suspicious accounts.

Basically, FraudForce takes only 100 milliseconds to recognize a device, check to see if it is attempting to evade detection, monitor for any previous associations with fraudulent activities, and run transaction risk checks. Operators can then approve, review, or deny the results, though denials require highly detailed reasons. Its “privacy by design” method also works with all major regulations and privacy laws around the world.

FraudForce has checked more than five billion devices to date. With the power of thousands of fraud analysts, FraudForce helps them view up to 30 million transactions per day. In turn, this generally results in stopping 300,000 attempted incidences of fraud per day.

Online Fraud Prevention for Customers

Online casino players are often concerned about online fraud prevention, but on a much smaller level. The safety measures taken by every online casino are therefore vital. It is also important that the game developers themselves implement security components at every level of game creation and implementation. Playtech’s deal with Iovation hopes to do just that. Playtech’s addition of Iovation’s FraudForce creates another level of safety on top of its already-strong management of and adherence to regulatory environments around the world.

Iovation Rumblings

When Iovation first emerged on the gaming scene, one of its primary clients was UltimateBet. The online poker site was the centre of a superuser scandal a decade ago, although founder Greg Pierson was never charged with any crimes. Iovation has since improved its reputation through the years. There have been no scandals or criminal implications regarding Pierson since that time. Moreover, Playtech will undoubtedly have done its due diligence before signing the contract with Iovation to bolster its online fraud prevention tools.