Ottawa’s Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee Approves the Hard Rock Casino

In the past week, Hard Rock and the Rideau Carleton Raceway casino project was approved by Ottawa’s agricultural and rural affairs committee. The committee was approving the zoning amendment for the casino resort location on 4837 Albion Road.

At the moment the two parties are waiting on the city council to also give them the go-ahead on the project. Should they get it, the construction will start with the expected completion being 2022. The Ottawa Hard Rock Casino will cost $318 million and will be the revocation on the existing raceway on Albion Road.

Ottawa Tourism, Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, Invest Ottawa and Ottawa International Airport are also in full support of the project. Blair Patacairk from Invest Ottawa said it would help attract high tech talent for the regional economic development agency.

hard rock casino ottawa approved

Benefits of the Project

During construction, Hard Rock Casino Ottawa will create roughly 3100 jobs and 900 permanent jobs. Both job opportunities will have a payroll of $161 million and $20 million respectively.

At the moment the share for the city is between $5.5 million and $6 million for 2018. It is expected to grow until the completion of the project in 2022. The city will get $12 million after the completion of the expansion and will increase by 3% from 2023 going forward.

Improving the Roads Around the Hard Rock Casino Ottawa Project

It is noted that the roads leading to the casino are not in good condition. They will need to be fixed to accommodate the traffic going to the entertainment resort. It is expected that Hard Rock takes responsibility together with the city council to improve the road conditions.

Paul Norris, Hunt Club Park community association president, presented a video showing the conditions of the roads. In particular, the where Albion Roads meets with Leitrim Road. He said that he fears the road will get worse if they are not fixed.

Hard Rock Casino Ottawa Capacity

When complete the casino will have a nine-storey hotel with 200 rooms, a 2500 seat theatre, 1200 parking lot, restaurants, 1250 slot machines and 21 gaming tables. However, it expected that the slot machines would be 2000 by completion of the expansion.