OLG Premieres New Gaming Website

This month, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission will give lucky gamers a sneak peak at its new website, PlayOLG, which effectively opens up legal online gaming in the province. At present, no firm go-live date has been published; however, Winner’s Circle Rewards members can preview the site in just over a week.

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To be eligible, interested Winner’s Circle Rewards members must complete a registration form by November 18. An undetermined number of early applicants will be randomly selected to try out the new site during an early access period.

When PlayOLG comes online, Ontario residents will be able to purchase lotto tickets online. They will also have their pick of casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, single-player poker and slots. Before they can play, gamers will have to create online profiles and add a credit card, which can be used to charge games. Ontario will also join Atlantic Canada, B.C., Quebec, and Manitoba in allowing online gambling.

When the OLG’s site goes live, gamers will face new regulations, ostensibly to ensure safe gaming measures. Gamers will see limits on the amount of lotto tickets they can purchase, the amount of money they can deposit per week, and the amount of time they can play, CBC News notes. PlayOLG will also screen for underage gamers, including children who may have access to a parent’s credit card.

Lakeshore Advance reports that Ontario residents spend an estimate $400 to $500 per year on online gaming websites located in other nations. When PlayOLG goes live, gamers can play closer to home and keep funds local. The new site will channel more money for the province’s infrastructure, including “hospitals and other government priorities,” and will increase gamers’ access to lotto and casino games.

With so much preexisting interest in online gaming throughout the province, it is nice to see a new option for Ontario residents. We’ll update you when PlayOLG fully launches.