It is becoming increasingly clear that the controversy surrounding sports betting becoming legal is going to continue in the near future. It also looks set that the state of New Jersey and the NBA will be at loggerheads over how sports betting will be handled.

New Jersey is looking to remove the 1992 PASPA and make all sports betting legal throughout America. Sports betting in the NBA is then dependant on New Jersey.

NBA sports betting commission


The NBA have one eye on the future, and don’t want to miss out on any potentially lucrative betting that would come from legalised sports betting. As such they have proposed to the New York State Committee that 1% of all wagers made on NBA games, be paid out to the league. The NBA are labelling the sports betting commission as “integrity fees” and feel they are due this cut as they are the ones providing the entertainment and platform for wagers to take place.

This counter proposal highlights that the NBA is fully behind legalising sports betting in the US. They just want this to occur on their terms, which seems fair enough. The NBA also supports betting across casinos and horse tracks. Their responsibility is extended to mobiles and kiosks.


The CEO of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman, is happy with proposed legalising of sports betting. Freeman, however, is against the proposal for the NBA commission. His argument is that the commission will affect bookmaker’s ability to make a profit and therefore provide fair odds. In this instance, illegal gambling would likely continue as they would not be held back by the 1% commission.

In response to Freeman’s comments, NBA spokesperson Michael Bass, defended the sports betting commission. He is of the belief that sports betting would not occur if it was not for the sporting events and organisations who run and manage them. As such they should get a piece of the cut.

Bass further mentioned that sports leagues run the risks involved with sports betting and match fixing and not sportsbooks. The money would be better used to help combat illegal sports betting. Sports leagues would need to commit more capital to policing and enforcing compliance on sports betting. All of America will need to wait and see what the courts decide.