Saucify Casinos Mrs Green Slot

Mrs Green Plant Emporium is a new online slot. The online slot is one of Saucify casinos’ greatest releases providing players who love gardening with the opportunity to reveal their planting pots. The online slot is unique and creative compared to other slots online. The real money slot allows players to turn their plants to money.

The Mrs Green slot online is designed as planting boxes which act as positions on the reels, displaying many symbols. Read our review to find out more.

Mrs Green

Mrs Green Plant Emporium Layout

As previously stated, the slot online has various planting boxes on the reels, which display many different symbols. The game’s layout is presented with a red wallpaper background that exposes bricks. It contains gardening instructions and small memos that can be associated with your granny’s garden.

Bonus Features on Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium

The online slot contains five reels with a fifteen payline combination that allows you to bet from CA$0.40 to CA$50 for every spin. The symbols are wonderfully presented through a creative display of gloves, watering cans, plant food, a variety of plants and a collection of memo symbols that intend to give off the impression of greenery and vines. Lively sound effects have been added to complement the slots’ theme.

The Mrs Green icon is the wild symbol in the game. The symbol can appear loaded on reels two and four during normal games and will catch other symbols with the exclusion being a scatter. Free spins get triggered by the game’s logo. When Mrs Green’s logo appears on the reels three times or more, the free spins bonus is activated. More so, ten spins will be triggered if three scatters appear. Fifteen free spins for four scatters. Five scatters will trigger twenty spins free, which is the maximum amount of free spins in this slot.

Mrs Green paytable


Mrs Green online slot is a new slots game released by Saucify Casinos. The game holds tons of fun and provides players with the opportunity to play the online slot free. So, enjoy this free slot online and grow your bankroll while your plants grow.