Mayweather attempted to bet on himself

Many sports betting players were in a frenzy because of this year’s landmark fight between McGregor and Mayweather. Many bets were placed, and this includes the CA$400 000 bet that Mayweather placed on himself but was denied.

Mayweather attempted to place a bet on himself.

Before beating Conor McGregor, the MMA champion from Ireland, it’s reported that the all-time champion, Mayweather, attempted to place a bet on himself. However, the bet was unsuccessful because of legal concerns.  The fight between the two resulted in Mayweather winning in the tenth round last Saturday night, being cheered on by a huge crowd of fans.

Sports betting industry in Canada

In Canada, sports’ betting occupies a large market and players were more than excited to place bets and get the best odds from CA best sports betting casinos. The media reports that Mayweather was seen visiting the M Resort in Las Vegas.

This was a couple of days before the historic match, and there, he asked to place a CAD$400 000 bet on himself. He was hoping to place his bet with the fight ending under 9.5 rounds, and at the odds of -200. Though he had the hard cash with him, the casino turned him down. Their reason centred on the concerns of whether it’s legal for one to place a bet on themselves for a straight win.

The McGregor Mayweather fight had fantastic betting odds. Though the all-time champion couldn’t place the bet he wanted to, it is believed that one of his friends could have done it for him.  After the fight, he told the media that he gave his friend a six figure amount so that he can place a bet for him as they couldn’t allow him to do it on his own earlier.

Mayweather attempted to bet on himself.

Mayweather vs McGregory Overview

So far, the Mayweather versus McGregor match has been reported as the biggest fight in sports betting history. Analysts predicted that the CA$70 million bet record between Pacquiao and Mayweather would be beaten.

McGregor performed well. He won the first three rounds, but in the end, tiredness got to him. That’s when Mayweather took advantage and became aggressive, resulting in the fight being stopped 1 minute into the 10 round. It was a match of a lifetime that had sports betting players from all over the world glued to their seats, rooting for whomever they had placed their bets on!

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