Lake City Casino Kelowna to Add New Restaurants

Western Canada, the home of Lake City Casino, have recently made confirmed that around CA$3 715 365 is going into the addition of restaurants to the casino. The casino operator, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited, announced that not only do they plan to add two new restaurants to the Kelowna Casino, but they are looking to make updates to the gaming floor of this casino.

Canada's Lake City Casino Kelowna

Lake City Casino Renovations

It has been established by the casinos operators, that these renovations will assist in the creation of jobs. With a 132-seat Match Eatery alongside a Public House franchise set to replace the area that was once the casino’s event space. Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited express that the renovations made will be sure to include a buffet outlet. This outlet will replace the casinos current Grove Bistro.

The CEO of the Vancouver-based operator, Tony Santo, explains that it is a good idea to constantly work at improving and investing in the Kelowna economy. He goes on to say that continued improvement on the customers experience through great entertainment and dining is the way to go. For this reason, he believes that the improvements to the casino games floor and restaurants of the casino are definitely ones to be excited about.

What Canadians Can Expect

Located on the Grand Okanagan Lakefront and Conference Centre on Okanagan Lake, Lake City Kelowna is expected to undergo renovations later on this month. Further, the new restaurants are expected to open 2017’s winter.

The Mayor of Kelowna, Colin Basran, expresses his admiration for Lake City Casino, stating that its expansion is welcome. He goes on to say that the casino and its operators are constantly investing in the state and further create jobs. Basran states that the culinary culture of Kelowna is very diverse, making for an exciting dining experience.

The Casino operator will be celebrating its 25th birthday in October. The operators confirm that the casino will be open for business during the refurbishment process. They further state that disruptions to guests and staff will be minimal.

We at Maple Casino, look forward to seeing what this casino will pull out the bag next!