Golden Draw Promotion at Crazy Vegas Casino

September is the perfect month to wager on your favorite slot game. As from September 15, 2016, until the 23rd of October, players who wager on slots will be awarded tickets into the draw worth CA$/€30,000.
Golden Draw Promotion at Maple Casino

How the Golden Draw Promotion Works :

Once players start wagering on their favourite slot game, they will be rewarded tickets in the Golden Draw Promotion as follows :

  • For every CA$/€250.00 wagered, players will be rewarded 1 bronze draw ticket.
  • For every CA$/€500.00 wagered, players will be rewarded 1 silver draw ticket.
  • For every CA$/€1000.00 wagered, players will be rewarded 4 bronze draw tickets, 2 silver draw tickets, plus 1 Gold draw ticket.

Prizes are Awarded as Follows :

  • Bronze Draw: Up to 200 Lucky Winners will win CA$/€50.00 in bonus money
  • Silver Draw: Up to 40 Lucky Winners will win CA$/€250.00 in bonus money
  • Gold Draw: up to 10 Lucky Winners will win CA$/€1,000.00 in bonus money

Like with any promotion at an online casino there some terms and conditions to adhere to. Some of these include:

  • Players will only be eligible to claim one prize per category- Either one prize in the Gold, Silver, or Bronze category.
  • However, players will be eligible to claim a prize in one or more categories. For example; players can win a prize in the Gold and Bronze category for example.
  • A random draw will take place on the 24th of October 2016.
  • Only wagering on slot games will be permitted for this promotion.
  • All prize monies will be paid into the player’s account in the form of bonus money.
  • For the full terms and conditions, players had head over to the terms and conditions page.

Golden Draw Promotion Wrap Up

So, why not get involved in the Golden Draw Promotion today? You could walk away a much richer gambler!