EURO 2016 Facts You Might Not Know

EURO is one of football’s greatest tournament. EURO 2016 is said to be the most memorable one so far, however, it is EURO 2020 that everyone will be looking forward to. But before we get to the reason behind this, let’s look at EURO 2016.


  • For the first time in the history of the event, 24 teams will be competing. Since 1996, there have been only 16 teams competing. This means there are 8 new teams competing in this year’s event.
  • Gibraltar entered the qualifying stages for the first time. All 53 UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), with the exception of France, entered the qualifying rounds. This was Gibraltar’s first time entering the qualifying rounds.
  • France is hosting the championships for a record 3rd time. This means France is the first country to ever host the championships three times.
  • The EURO 2016 logo contains the championship trophy and French flag colours. The logo was the first to be revealed, ahead of the slogan, mascot, match ball, and posters.
  • The official EURO 2016 Mascot is Super Victor. The mascot was revealed on November 18, 2014 at a match between France and Sweden.
  • There will be a total of 10 host cities and 10 stadiums used throughout the championship.
  • David Guetta produced the official Euro 2016 theme song.
  • Italy and Spain have the chance to win the championship for a record four times.

EURO 2020 Facts

With all the facts about the championships which is currently underway, we turn to EURO 2020 and why it will draw even more attention. EURO 2020 will be even more to celebrate as it is the championships 60-year anniversary. Now that will definitely be something many football maniacs will be looking forward to.