Enjoy the High Roller Experience: A Game Changer for Gamblers

Enjoy the High Roller Experience: A Game Changer for Gamblers

In the early days of the internet, there was a vast difference between online and offline gaming. For example, making it to VIP status meant two very different things. Offline, you were wined and dined, and were treated to all sorts of other complimentary services. Online however, there really wasn’t all that much.

Fast forward a few years, well… decades, and now being a high roller in an online casino is vastly different. Let’s take a look at just how much the high roller experience has changed, mostly thanks to technology.

How Online Casinos Got Better Over the Years

We are now in 2024 and as Michael Scott would say, “Well, well, well, how the turntables…” On a serious note, things have changed so much in the casino space, that it’s practically better to play online. This means high roller players now have more benefits than ever before. Why? A few reasons, actually, but let’s start with the significant technological improvements on how the tables have turned.


High roller stakes


Big technological advancements – experience seamless tracking

Tracking technology is closely related to personalized perks, because casinos want to know how much you’re betting before they reward you with any freebies. You’re not going to get much love if you play a couple of hands of $1 Blackjack. However, hit the Pai Gow Poker table at $50 a hand for a few hours and you can rack up some serious points.

Tracking those points has always been a challenge when you game in-person. For a long period of time, it used to be done manually, or in some spots, they’d have pit bosses or dealers eyeball it. Then came casino player cards, where you would have to swipe in when you enter a casino — kind of like a punch card: clock in, clock out. Thanks to modern technology, some casino apps allow you to keep track of your info.

To be fair, the online way has always been easier. Loyalty points are so easy to track because you log in every single time you play. As a player, that experience is so much more seamless. Imagine you’re in Vegas to hit the tables and you forget the card in your room or you don’t have the app. Or you haven’t signed up yet, you might miss out. Online, there’s nothing to think about from the player’s perspective. As soon as you login, the system starts keeping tabs as you play. It’s that easy.


Transparency: what players need to know

There’s always been a little bit of mystery in terms of how land-based casinos track players. It should be pretty straightforward, but it isn’t. With certain player cards, there was a time where you had to scan them to see how many points you had. If you wanted to see how you’re accruing points, it would be a bit of an arduous process.

With online, the transparency couldn’t be clearer. Many online casinos have a section explaining their loyalty point method. You can see what games you played and how much you’ve earned per hand, spin or session.

Redemption is also a big part of this. With Vegas, many players have always wondered, “What’s the redemption rate?, How much do I have to play for a free trip or a free hotel room?”. Online casinos are typically very transparent and show you how much you have to accrue to earn different statuses.

They also show you what you can redeem points for. You can even choose where and how you want to spend your points. With land-based casinos, it’s more of a guessing game and that can make more frustrating for a high roller player.


Are online casinos better than the Vegas experience when it comes to high rollers?

Sure, sure – Vegas is fun, we know it’s appealing to many. Everyone loves a trip to sin city, especially for a weekend getaway. After all, it is one of the best adult playgrounds out there.


maple high roller casinos


At the same time, if you’re a VIP in Vegas, the only perks that come with it, are in Vegas. That’s not to say it’s anything to complain about, because Vegas has plenty of entertainment to keep anyone occupied.

Enjoy complimentary meals at world-class restaurants, or luxury accommodation in stunning resorts. Plus the experiences you can opt into include great night clubs and exciting pool parties. The perks for high rollers in Vegas are just that, these perks are located in Vegas.

When you bet at high roller casinos, they tend to give you a much greater variety of rewards. After all, their goal isn’t to restrict you to one destination, and that’s actually one of the best parts of being a high roller player. When there are trips available as part of a giveaway, they can send you anywhere. Maybe it’s Vegas, maybe it’s Europe or maybe it’s to a sunny resort in the Caribbean.

While you might not receive a complimentary meal at a fine dining venue, there are other luxury gifts on offer. For example, SkyCrown casino was giving away a Rolex Datejust.

Other casinos have listed sports cars, concert tickets, and even sporting events as part of their giveaways. Some keep it simple and just offer you cash back. Online casinos have far more leeway and creativity when it comes to prizes and rewards for high roller players.


Our Recommended Top Three High Roller Casinos

We’ve played at all of the top online spots and worked our way through the VIP programs. These are the best online casinos for high rollers in our books:


North Casino

How about a $5,000 deposit bonus to get started? That’s pretty generous. Their VIP program gives you points for everything you do in the casino. Then you can trade them in for all sorts of sweet rewards.


North Casino Loyalty Program

Play North Casino Now! Welcome Bonus: $5,000
  • 25%, 50%, or 100% match bonuses throughout the week
  • 10 free spins on every deposit of $50 (for select slot games)

Join an eight-tier loyalty program where you can win extra perks such as cash rewards, fast withdrawals, VIP account managers, and casino bonuses.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City blesses new players with a $1,600 welcome bonus to get started. That’s pretty generous as it gives you a lot of extra bankroll to use in their live casino and 300+ casino games. Their loyalty program has six different tiers where high rollers can earn everything from cash back to deposit bonuses to all sorts of other incentives..



Play Jackpot City Now! Welcome Bonus: $6000 Deposit Bonus + 300 Free Chances to Win $1,000,000
  • $1,600 deposit bonus for new players
  • 10 daily free shots to win $1,000,000

With six tiers in the VIP promotion, play games for real money and start on Bronze level (you’ll receive 2,500 loyalty points) to help you earn extra rewards.

Skycrown Casino

Skycrown is a fun place to play because they’re always doing something unique for high rollers. As previously mentioned, they gave away a Rolex Datejust recently in January 2024, and they continue to offer many exclusive prizes. High rollers should expect to get their own personal assistants, in addition to other generous rewards.


skycrown casino vip

Play SkyCrown Now! Welcome Bonus: Up to $3,000 +350 Free Spins
  • Activate your instant VIP status (within 24 hours) with a first deposit of $1,500
  • Hit the live casino for a 1% rakeback on wagers (no wagering requirements)

Benefit from a VIP membership that includes perks such as a personal account assistant, exclusive offers, and tailored services.

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