Brad Pitt, De Niro and DiCaprio team up for Casino Advert

Fans of acclaimed film auteur Martin Scorsese will be pleased to hear that he is teaming up with a powerful combination of A-list actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt. However, the film they’re collaborating on is simply an advertisement for the arrival of the latest Melco Crown Entertainment casino, Studio City in Macau.

Pitt casino ad

Pitt, De Niro and DiCaprio

The film’s entire budget is reported to be over US$70 million, with the cast members each receiving US$13 million. Perhaps it isn’t the star studded blockbuster Scorsese project that fans would be hoping for, but there is little doubt that as far as casino advertisements go, this one will be pretty epic.

Web-based news and entertainment site Mashable.com reported that multiple trailers had been released revealing sneak peeks of the short film titled The Audition. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB), an online resource of up to date information from the film industry, has now listed the film as ‘announced’. The release is planned to coincide with the launch of Studio City, in mid 2015. While Scorsese has directed the short film, the writer is another name worthy of acclaim. Terence Winter wrote the screenplay of The Wolf of Wall Street (directed by Scorsese), and has writing credits on a number of celebrated television shows, most notably The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire.

Scorsese has worked with DiCaprio before, on The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island, The Departed and Gangs of New York, with The Audition marking the ninth time he has worked with De Niro since the gangster-themed classic Mean Streets in 1973. This would be the first time he has worked with Brad Pitt, however.

The two teasers that have been released thus far (one of which has been deleted from Youtube) show DiCaprio and De Niro flying into Studio City in Macau to audition for a film Scorsese is directing, and they’re competing for the same role. According to Mashable, Pitt is expected to make an appearance in the third trailer and will feature in the final film.

Melco Crown Entertainment reported a net revenue of a staggering US$1, 12 billion in the third quarter of 2014, which was in fact a 10% decline from the same period in 2013. The drop has been attributed to fewer high rollers from China frequenting Macau, following Chinese government crackdowns. It therefore makes sense that Melco Crown would be seeking to attract high rollers from a different sphere with its new venture, and doing so via Hollywood.

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